Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Energy: Mutable

Sex: Feminine

Body Parts: Abdomen, small intestines, solar plexus and nerves.

Ruler of the Sixth House: Health, daily routine, work, pets.

Positive Traits: Clever, craftsmen, humble, kind, thoughtful, tidy, diligent, organised, loyal, reliable, honest, helping others, funny, intelligent, philosophical, able to read between the lines.

Shadow Traits: Fussy, self-critical, small-minded, perfectionists, obsessive, pedantic, inhibited, overthinking, anxious, sarcastic, self-sacrificing.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and ruled by Mercury. It is the element of earth and mutable energy. Virgos are some of the kindest and humble souls you could ever meet. They are great at mastering skills and always look at the smaller details to ensure everything is just right. They always do there best to be perfect in every way. Although sometimes this can be a negative trait as they can be very self-critical and never feel good enough when they are more than enough.

Virgo is on the same axis as Pisces. The axis of victim /saviour, artist/craftsman, mind/emotions, smaller details / bigger picture. Virgo are often known for being organised, tidy, eating healthy, into fitness. However, there will be Virgos who don’t fit into that category and can have the negative traits of a Pisces, disorganised, messy, poor personal hygiene, addiction, procrastination. Both signs can swim in and out of each others energy.

We need the Virgos in this world to show us how to stay humble and serve others. They are also great at noticing every little detail that will often be overlooked by most people. You teach the rest of the zodiac signs how to be grounded, responsible, committed and reliable. Thank you for being you beautiful kind souls.

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