Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Energy: Fixed

Sex: Feminine

Body Parts: Throat, Neck, Tonsils, Thyroid, Cervical Vertebra, shoulders.

Ruler of the 2nd house: Money, possessions, security.

Positive Traits: Patient, Determined, Strong, Grounded, Realistic, loyal, practical, reliable, committed, perseverance, kind, affectionate, sensual.

Shadow Traits: Stubborn, pragmatic, possessive, jealous, controlling, hot-tempered, slow, uncompromising, lazy, materialistic.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is the element of earth and ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is fixed energy they’re great at committing to a relationship or project they have the patience and determination to see things through to the end.

Taurus is on the same axis as Scorpio this is the axis of possessions, values, money, death, sex, shared resources, inheritance and taxes. People with a Taurus sun can often feel more like a Scorpio and identify themselves with Scorpio traits. There can often be themes around death, sex, control, power, possessions, money, values, betrayal and materialism that repeat during their life journey. There will be lessons to learn about what they value and materialism.

I always find there are two types of Taurians. You have the short stout round ones who often have features of a bull. Then you have the tall slender elegant ones who are often obsessed with looking beautiful. Both types normally have a love of luxury items they like to surround themselves with beauty and comfort. There can be a love of rich or comforting foods. Taurus are normally very sensual people and love to touch and feel many thrive on massages or work in that industry. Also, green fingers a love of gardening or being in nature grounds and revitalises their energy.

Taurus is great at building solid foundations that last the test of time. They are slow and methodical and like to do things properly. They are not ones to be rushed and will take their time when making decisions because they are serious and responsible people. They will only agree to something if they know they can fully commit. They are normally very loyal and reliable and you can depend on them to always turn up on time and be productive.

We need you guys you bring stability and safety to the table. You remind us all with patience and perseverance you can manifest your dreams into reality. Hard-working and reliable the rest of the zodiac can watch and learn how to plan, organise and prepare a solid base to build upon for the future.

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