Ruling Planets: Mars and Pluto

Element: Water

Energy: Fixed

Sex: Feminine

Body Parts: Large Intestines, Bladder, sweat glands, genitals

Ruler of the Eighth House: Death, sex, inheritance, karma, other peoples money, taboos, orgasm, occult.

Positive Traits: Emotionally deep, great in a crisis, resilient, true, loyal, honest, healer, powerful, transformers, magical, instinctive, intense,

Shadow Traits: destructive, tyrannical, domineering, power-hungry, provocative, self-sabotage, obsession, possessive, jealousy, vindictive.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It is the element of water and ruled by the planets mars and pluto. Scorpio is fixed energy which makes them good at committing and seeing things through to the end. Scorpios have very powerful energy and courage they will tread where others fear to go. They can be extreme I often compare them to a volcano extremely hot and dangerous because when they blow boy do they go. But also an Iceberg because when they will detach and become like a solid piece of ice and you will never know just what is really going on underneath. It’s black and white there is no grey area.

Scorpio is on the same axis as Taurus. This is the axis of possessions, values, money, death, sex, shared resources, inheritance and taxes. People with a Scorpio sun can often feel more like a Taurus and identify themselves with Taurus traits. There can often be themes around death, sex, control, power, possessions, money, values, betrayal and materialism that repeat during their life journey. There will be lessons to learn about what they value and materialism.

Scorpios are great to have around in a crisis they can be very fearless and they will roll their sleeves up to help out no matter what the circumstances are. Scorpios can come across as domineering, secretive, controlling and sometimes ruthless. They are real people and like to be direct about what they want and what they expect from others.

Scorpios are the healers and transformers of the world they love to destroy in order to rebuild or rebirth. Many Scorpios would have been to hell and back and had to deal with many life and death situations this gives them strength and power that the rest of the zodiac and admire. There is no stopping them they fall, then they rise stronger and wiser the living Phoenix. Thank you for being you powerful ones.

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