Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Energy: Cardinal

Sex: Feminine

Body Parts: Skeletal system, knees, nails, teeth, hair, ligaments,

Keywords: Authority, death, old age, restrictions, limitations, karma, life lessons, responsibility, duty, parents, discipline, what we lack, cold, reliable, dependable, hierarchy, practical, work, perseverance, principles, melancholy.

Rules the Tenth House: Vocation, achievement, popularity, public recognition, social position, success in life, parents.

Positive Traits: Loyal, hard-working, kind, grounded, reliable, trustworthy, ambitious, wise, disciplined, committed, funny, organised, respectful.

Shadow Traits: frugal, mean, unemotional, uncompromising, ruthless, pessimistic, workaholic, cold, unsociable.

Capricorn is the tenth house of the zodiac. It is the element of earth and ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorn is cardinal energy so these guys are great at getting things started particularly in the physical world. They will plan, prepare then work damn hard to make whatever idea they had into reality. They don’t wait around for anyone else they are normally self-sufficient and just get on with it.

Capricorn is on the same axis as Cancer. This axis rules authority, safety, security, feelings, discipline, how we nurture ourselves and others, responsibilities, home life, work-life, what we love, what we lack. People with a Capricorn Sun can often have Capricorn traits. There can often be recurring themes regarding work and home life, duties and responsibilities and issues with the parents. There will be many life lessons to learn in order to create a balance between the two energies.

Capricorns are very grounded, reliable and practical people. Many of them form the backbone of society. You can often find them in managerial or authority roles. They love to progress and climb the ladder. They are very hardworking and understand that patience, time and commitment will always lead to success and prosperity.

We need Capricorns in the world they show us that trough planning, preparing and staying focused you can manifest your dreams into reality. They show the rest of the zodiac that commitment and perseverance always pay off in the long term. Thank you for being you hard working souls.

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