Ruling Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Sex: Feminine

Energy: Cardinal

Body Parts: Breasts, Stomach, Uterus and digestion.

Ruler of the Fourth House: home, parents, homeland, family roots,

Positive Traits: loving, kind, nurturing, sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, mothering, empathetic, sensitive, loyal, devoted, family orientated.

Shadow Traits: needy, manipulative, over-emotional, crabby, defensive, clingy, fearful, smothering, codependent, emotional eating.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac. It is the element f water and ruled by the Moon. Cancer is cardinal energy so they are great at initiating things particularly associated with feelings and emotions. They can be so loving, caring and kind and often have a need to nurture care for those that they love. Cancer is connected to the Mother and the past so you can normally find there is a strong bond with the Mother or Mother Figure this can be both positive or negative.

Cancer is on the same axis as Capricorn. This axis rules authority, safety, security, feelings, discipline, how we nurture ourselves and others, responsibilities, home life, work-life, what we love, what we lack. People with a Cancer Sun can often have Capricorn traits. There can often be recurring themes regarding work and home life, duties and responsibilities and issues with the parents. There will be many life lessons to learn in order to create a balance between the two energies.

People with Sun in Cancer can be extremely loving and show the rest of the zodiac that it is important to have a safe place and surround yourself with family and friends that love you. We learn from you how important nurturing is and how the past shapes us. Thank you for being you loving souls.

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