Ruling Planets: Saturn and Uranus

Element: Air

Energy: Fixed

Sex: Masculine

Body Parts: Ankles, calves, nerve impulses, venous circulation.

Keywords: Unique, rebellious, Astrology, magnetic, different, humanitarian, restless, loner, aliens, ufo’s, science, electricity, thinking outside the box, erratic, unusual, detached, futuristic, friendships, groups, networking, technology, gadgets, rejection, invention, unexpected, wake up calls, breakthroughs.

Ruler of the Eleventh House: friendships, networking, groups, humanitarian goals.

Positive Traits: unique, genius, independent, being different, helping humanity, funny, quirky, inventive, great imagination, truthful.

Shadow Traits: egotistical, selfish, emotionally detached, live in their heads, stubborn, provocative, ruthless, aloof, crazy, unpredictable.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is the element of air. It is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus and is fixed energy. There can be two types of Aquarians ones that thrive on changing the system and working for humanity. The other type can be set in their way stubborn, traditional and not willing to listen or compromise. Saturn is tradition and Uranus is futuristic so there can often be conflicting ideas or thoughts going on with Aquarians.

Aquarius is on the same axis as Leo. This is the axis of the self and the group. Aquarians are known for wanting to be different and can be extremely out there with their thoughts, ideas and communication. This can make them look like they are crazy or shocking. They are often futuristic thinkers and therefore many suffer from anxiety or have trouble sleeping because their brain is wired. Some Aquarians can have the negative traits of Leo and can be self-obsessed, full of ego and unwilling to listen or compromise.

People with Aquarius sun can often bring the much-needed change they are great at waking the masses up to change and introducing a new way of doing things. There is normally a love of technology, alien or ufo phenomena, conspiracy theories and in some cases politics. They are truth seekers and love to fight for society and the underdog and are not afraid to use new ways to get things done.

We need Aquarians in this world to help us to evolve in life and bring the necessary changes needed for humanity. They show the rest of the zodiac that its ok to be different and it’s ok to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. They are the pioneers and reformists taking us all out of our comfort zones. Thank you for being you quirky ones.

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