Year Ahead Astrology Report


What Is A Year Ahead Report ?

Every year the Sun returns to it’s Natal position this will be on your birthday or a day or two before or after. This is normally know in Astrology as a Solar Return. The Year ahead report can give you insight as to what energies you will be dealing with in the year ahead. Every year the report will be different and the Sun which rules our vitality, ego, personality, father, children, creativity can be placed in various points around the chart this will show you where you will shine. So for instance if the sun is in your second house this year you are likely to use your personality as part of how you make money, maybe a promotion or the offering of a leading role.

How Will A Year Ahead Report Benefit my life ?

The report will highlight important events and situations that could occur during the year ahead . It will give you insightful information of any challenges and progress you can made in the next 12 months. It will reveal if you are likely to meet someone, get a new job, move home. Obviously you will always have free will to choose what path you take but the report can only help you enhance your strengths and identify your weaknesses allowing you empower yourself and be confident in the choices that you make.

What You Will Need To Do:

In order to purchase the report click on the add to basket button.

I will need the following information:

Person 1

Name / Date of birth / Place of Birth /time of Birth / Gender

Please note it is important to have a correct time of birth for this report or it will not work.

Once you have paid and I have received the information I need, I will send your Year Ahead Report to your etsy inbox or the email address you provide. The report will be a PDF format.

How Long Will It Take ?

I will send your report as soon as possible please allow 24 hours for delivery to your email inbox.

What If I Have A Problem Receiving My Report ?

Please feel free to contact me by clicking on the ask a question button on the top right hand side of the page.


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