Erotic Tarot Reading



I am now offering erotic Tarot Readings using Sexual Magic Tarot Deck.

How Can You Improve Your Sex life three-card reading:

Card 1: What blocks your sex life?

Card 2: What can you do to heat things up?

Card 3: How can you light or relight those flames of passion?

Sometimes we can experience problems or challenges with our sex lives. It can be a taboo subject for people to feel safe and comfortable to talk about openly. I offer you a safe place to talk about some of the issues you are currently facing. Intimacy and sex play an important role in a healthy happy loving relationship.

All you need to do to order your reading is click on the add to basket tab. I will message you as soon as I receive notification of payment and we can discuss what three reading choices you would like and then I will book you in for a reading. I do my readings on Instagram private message or Facebook Messenger. Please feel free to follow me on my social media platforms and reach out to me regarding booking your reading and time slots. I look forward to reading for you.


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