Distant Reiki Healing


Reiki Healing is a Japanese natural form of healing  created by Mikao Usui . It is pronounced Ray – Key it is a Japanese word that translates into Universal Energy. The energy is electromagnetic in nature and can work on all levels physically , emotionally and spiritually. I believe that if we experience a physical or emotional trauma we can often acquire a blockage within the body this prevents the Ki from flowing freely and can have detrimental effect on your long term health.

Reiki works to heal the energy blockages that are stored in the body so you gain regain maximum good health. It helps balance the mind , body and soul. Reiki is a non intrusive hands on healing system we also use various Reiki symbols to allow varying frequencies of energy to be applied.

Over the years there have been lots of addons to the original way to practice Reiki Healing especially in the west. I myself stick to traditional Reiki as I believe it is powerful and effective healing system that does not need to be tampered with.

Reiki can be used to treat all conditions  whether it be physical , emotional , spiritual or mental health. I have listed just some of the conditions below.  It can be used alongside other medical treatments and is now seen as a complementary treatment and is given in hospitals and Doctors surgeries all around the world. It is highly beneficial and brings a sense of balance and inner peace to many that receive Reiki.

I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and I practice Usuis Reiki Ryoho and authorised to give distant healing to anyone , anywhere around the world. I will treat adults , children and animals . For children I must have written permission from the parent or guardian .


How Does Distant Reiki Healing Work

  1. I will need to know where you live
  2. What condition you have and how it is effecting you
  3. I will draw the sacred Reiki Symbols on my hands
  4. I will use visualisation
  5. I will spend half an hour to 40 minutes in one session sending reiki healing to you



 My Reiki Lineage

Reiki Lineage refers to the line of Reiki Masters that leads to myself.

Mikao Usui

Kanichi Taketomi

Mrs Kimiko Koyama

Hiroshi Doi

Allan J Sweeney

Andy Chrysostomou


Examples of Conditions Reiki can be used to treat :

Managing Stress and anxiety

Pain Management

Help heal after trauma,  crisis or operations

Help with sleep problems such as Insomnia

Improve your immune system

Reiki healing can be used to treat a variety of ailments , no matter how little or severe they may be.



If you would like to discuss this further and would like more information then please feel free to email me kim@psychicpassage.co.uk . I am also happy to show you my  Reiki Certification and Insurance certificate





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