Pisces Tarotscope May 2019

Pisces Tarotscope May 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you brave hearts, with health, money, communication work and love…


The Magician is ruled by Mercury and will appear when a new cycle is beginning.

This month your health should be great . On the 4th of May set intentions to start a new health regime including exercise you will have the willpower to stick to it.

Try new things to help keep your mind positive such as mediation, or learning something new or practising the Law of Attraction.

You can manifest so many wonderful things this month including good health. Don’t let any negative thoughts block or hold you back, go create magic.


The Nine of Wands is ruled by Sagittarius and Saturn and will often appear when you feel blocked.

There could be some money troubles this month and you need to think of new ways to manifest money into your life.

Don’t give up or give into any current money restrictions or limitations. You may need to restructure or plan new ways of improving your finances.

It may sometimes feel that financial responsibilities are making you feel trapped and with little freedom to make the needed changes. See it as a life lesson and understand that something needs changing with the way you handle money.


The Knight of Swords is ruled by Taurus and Gemini and is associated with fast energy, news, messages and adventures.

You may find someone who is quick witted and intelligent enters your life bringing news that can speed things up for you.

Your energy could be different in some way You could find that you become impatient or frustrated with certain people. You could come across as aggressive or irrational as you try to express your opinions.

You may detach from certain people if you feel that something isn’t right. You guys have great intuition and gut instincts let it guide you in conversations.


The Nine of Cups is ruled by Pisces and Mars and is very positive energy.

This is known as the wish card and brings abundance, happiness and dreams come true.

Work should be very exciting this month and although you may have some money worries you will be given some kind of gift connected to work.

You must have faith and hope in all you are trying to achieve this will help you manifest work oriented goals .


The Nine of Wands is ruled by Saturn and Sagittarius and will often appear when we are putting our guards up protecting our hearts from getting hurt again.

If you are already in a relationship you could have experienced some kind of disruption in the past month and now you have retreated into isolation to think things through.

If you are single you may want to look at ways to attract a new lover into your life. Look at clearing past hurts and emotional blockages.

You can change all of this by opening up your heart dropping some of those barriers you have built and making yourself vulnerable not everyone is going to hurt you there are some good people out there.

Dates to put in your diary :

New Moon 14 degrees Taurus: 04/ 05/2019

Venus enters Taurus: 15/ 05/2019

Mars enters Cancer: 16/ 05/2019

Full Moon 27 Scorpio: 18/ 05/2019

Sun enters Gemini: 21/05/2019

Mercury enters Gemini: 21/05/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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