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Aries Moon : planetary ruler is Mars

Keywords For Moon in Aries : Impulsive , quick tempered ,courageous , sexual , easily aroused , nurtured to fast , fiery hearts , bossy Mothers ,conflict in the home, busy home, always evolving , emotionally independent , instinctive, impatient.

Moon in Aries…….

The moon in our natal charts is associated with our emotions, feelings , instincts , intuition, traits of our Mother and how we might have been nurtured , family history , the past , childhood conditioning, how we nurture ourselves , the food we love, daily habits , our needs, for men it shows the type of woman he is attracted to and how we express our hearts and love .

Moon in Aries or in the first house can make the individual extra sensitive  , passionate , independent, bossy, challenging, excitable, fearless, impatient ,  aggressive, impulsive and easily fired up .

There is nowhere to hide the way you feel and react is there for the world to see . There can be sensitivity and you can be easily moved and overly emotional . There can also be a moody , broody streak woven into the personality .

If it’s close to the ascendant the individual can literally have a moon shaped face . It can be like a full moon, big and round kind of like a baby face or a crescent moon shape, sometimes a crooked nose  . As its Aries there can be a lot of frowning or they may look constantly angry .The moon is water but as it’s in a fire house or sign this makes it hot water .

These individuals can be hot heads and can have fits of rage if provoked . There can often be a love for spicy  food and they can also be easily aroused sexually .

For a man the moon represents the kind of woman he is  attracted to . An Aries moon in a man’s chart will reflect the need for a woman who is sexy , sassy, assertive , independent , works out , feisty , knows what she wants , passionate,  adventurous, enthusiastic and sexual .

The person with an Aries moon will not take any shit from anyone and they are not afraid to put their own needs first .

As the moon rules the Mother they may have experienced their mother to be angry , aggressive ,  selfish , independent , running their own business, always busy , fiesty or courageous .

Maybe a single parent or had to play the roles of Mum and Dad . The Father may have also been the main carer . There can also be a feeling that they were rushed and not nurtured properly and had to grow up fast or fend for themselves at a young age .

If you have a moon in Aries I would love to hear from you and anything you would like to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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FAQ about Moon in Aries

What does it mean to have Aries moon ?

It means you can be very passionate , aggressive or firey . You are not afraid to express your raw feelings and emotions .

What is Aries moon attracted to ?

People with Aries moon can be attracted to risk taking , being impulsive and look for others who are bold , unique , independent and love to be spontaneous.

What to do when moon is in Aries ?

When the transiting moon is in Aries it will trigger your natal moon as it passes over and you will feel the impact more than most people. It’s a great time to use the positive aspects such as being brave , impulsive and do things you are passionate about.

Is Aries Moon Loyal ?

This will all depend on the individuals natal chart and what other planets the Moon aspects.

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