Libra Tarotscope April 2019

Libra Tarotscope April 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you brave hearts, with health, money, communication work and love….


The Six of Wands is connected to the heart and spine and is a wonderful card this month you should be in good health and confident about who you are and where you are heading.

Be proud of what you have achieved and shine bright like the star you are. You should feel supported and happy and many may point out how well you are looking take the compliments with gratitude try not to let your head swell.

You should have lots of energy to face any challenges that may come up in the month ahead full of excitement and high spirits. This energy is very contagious so remember to share with others and encourage them on their own journey.

You could find yourself taking pride in the way you look and spending money to make yourself look and feel good trust me it won’t go unnoticed.


The Six of Pentacles is ruled by the Moon and Taurus an d will appear after you may have experienced a difficult financial situation.

You may find that this month you are given money in order to help you get back on your feet from family or a friend.

Some of you may have been waiting for a loan and the news should be positive . If you have been experiencing hard times things are about to change.

You guys love to know you have enough money and everything is in balance it prevents you from overthinking and worrying.


The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon and is associated with karma , intuition , gut instincts and secrets.

This month you may be very intuitive and if people try to lie or keep secrets you will know straight away your instincts will be on high alert.

Some of you may enrol on a course connected to spirituality or developing your psychic gifts.

You may also find that conversations are based around feelings and emotions and the choices you make will be based about how you feel rather tha ho you think


The Seven of Swords is ruled by Aquarius and is connected to betrayal , gossip , lies , theft and deceit . it will appear when things are going on around you that just don’t feel right.

Some of you may find that your work colleagues are being sneaky and dont have your back watch out for deceit or staff members gossiping behind your back.

I would also make sure that your belongings are locked away safely to ensure that the chance of people taking them is minimal . Trust may be a big issue in work this month.

If you are doing creative or original work be very cautious who you show it too as others may steal  your ideas and designs and use them as their own.


The Four of Cups is ruled by the Moon and Cancer it will often reflect isolation and will appear when you are hemiting or spending a lot of time alone. Check if you are purposely isolating yourself or if you are looking back on past experiences and trying to let go.

If you are a single pringle then you may need to start thinking about getting out and about more . You will not people whilst you are indoors in your comfort zone.

If you are invited to  events , parties and family gatherings take a leap of faith and go along. You cannot change your circumstances if you refuse to go out and mingle.

If you are having a pity party time to stop take back control and get yourself out there . You work so hard you must make room for fun and some good loving.

Some of ypou may be feeling bored with your current relationship so you need to think of ways to inject some love and romance back into it.

Have an amazing month my beautiful ones may it be filled with love, laughter good health and wealth

Dates to put in your diary :

New Moon at 15 degrees Aries  : 05/04/2019

Mercury enters Aries : 17/04/2019

Full Moon at 29 degrees in Libra: 19/04/2019

Sun enters Taurus: 20/04/2019

Venus enters Aries : 20/04/2019

Pluto stations retrograde: 24/04/2019

Saturn stations retrograde: 30/04/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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