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This is where you can checkout the different types of Tarot Readings.


You can get a free natal chart and also purchase a Natal report that will reveal 

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Here you will find the latest blog posts and news about Astrology and Tarot . 

My Story

My story here you can find out some background information, qualifications and why Tarot & Astrology are my passion

Free Natal Chart

You can get a free  Astrology natal chart that will be sent directly to your inbox. This is your personal life map.

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This is where you will find out how you  you can hire me for a special occasions such as a Hen Party , Wedding or corporate event.


This is where you will find out how you  you can hire me for a special occasions such as a Hen Party , Wedding or corporate event.

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My favorite place. Quotes, Astrology memes and transits   & daily Tarot readings for the collective

Daily quotes , Astrology transits and Tarot readings . Come and interact with me. 

An inside and behind the scenes look at my life it gets a little bit crazy.

This is where we can have some fun making videos about Astrology & Tarot.

FAQ about Readings


What are the best questions to ask in Tarot readings ?

What can I do to find my soulmate ?
How will I know if I have found my soulmate ?
How can I strengthen my relationship with my lover ?
What challenges or blockages are in the way of me finding love ?

What kind of questions do you ask during a Tarot reading ?

Open ended questions ?
What will happen if I continue without change ?
What do I need to change in order to see better results ?
What are the positives that I can work on ?

Can you ask the Tarot how someone feels about you ?

Yes you can ask the Tarot how someone is feeling about you. With the understanding that nothing is ever set in stone and things can change .

How many Tarot cards can you pull ?

You can pull as many as you like . It is a story and there are many different Tarot spreads that can be used as well as specific questions.

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