Virgo Tarotscope February 2019

Virgo Tarotscope February 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you kind ones, with health, money, communication work and love…..


The Knight of Wands is ruled by Scorpio and Sagittarius and brings positive energy.

This month you should be filled with vitality, confidence and passion. You should feel so alive and willing and excited about exercising and doing adventurous things.

Some of you may travel this month and thoroughly enjoy the adventure. You should feel happy and healthy.

If some of you have been poorly you can expect an improvement to your health this month. A surge of new energy.

Do things that make you feel inspired, motivated and happy this will benefit your health and fill you with excitement.


Money should be good for you this month you may have had a bit of a struggle last month, but now you will find yourself getting back on track. You may have to spend money on your home.

The Four of Wands is a card of prosperity and laying down solid foundations, some of you may find yourself opening a savings account or looking at getting on the property ladder.

Some of you could be selling your property the sale may go through this month.

You may have something to celebrate or reached a milestone so you will find yourself using the money to celebrate your achievements with family and friends.


The Death card is ruled by Scorpio and will often bring endings and new beginnings.

You may find that you let go of some people in your life as past communications cannot be sorted out.

You may transform the way you connect with others and want to speak about matters that have deeper meaning rather than small talk.

You guys are ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, but I know for many of you it can be hard to open up to others emotionally. You need to get know people before you fully trust before you share your deepest thoughts.

You could find that you come across such people this month. You feel comfortable talking about past issues or traumas. If this is not you, then you could provide a safe haven for others to reveal their deepest traumas and offer healing words. 


The Ace of Pentacles is a power card and brings new opportunities that have the potential to bring much success and wealth. You could find that doors start to open and you have plenty of choices.

If you are already in a job you could find that you are offered a new opportunity that will bring you more money and long term success than your current position.

If you have been unemployed this month you could find that you are offered a new job one that will bring you much happiness and long term growth you are at your best when you are being productive.


The Queen of Wands is ruled by Pisces and Aries and will normally represent a woman over thirty who is kind, compassionate, mysterious, confident and sexy.

If you are already in a relationship you may want to spice things up inject a bit of passion, lust and desire. This is sexual firey energy so think of creative ways you and your partner can get real saucy.

If you are single you may meet someone that has all the traits of the Queen of Wands. You will find them enticing and intriguing and damn right hot. 

Sparks should be flying everywhere so enjoy magnetic attraction between the two of you . Have some fun. I know when you Virgos relax you can be the naughtiest in that bedroom.  


Have an amazing month my kind ones may it be filled with love, laughter good health and wealth.

Dates to put in your diary :

Venus enters Capricorn: 03/02/2019

New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius: 04/02/2019

Sun enters Pisces: 18/02/2019

Mars enters Taurus: 14/02/2019

Full Moon 0 degrees Virgo: 19/02/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art


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