My values & Beliefs

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It is my mission to wake people up to the power they possess within enabling them to live a limitless life of possibilities.

My Vision

If I am successful in implementing my visions, millions of people from around the globe will wake up to the fact that they have a never ending source of personal power, courage and the ability to create a life without fears, phobias and prejudices. They will exude inner peace and happiness and be willing to share their knowledge to move mountains for others. Imagine a world where we are all different yet we all get on, and respect each others differences allowing everyone the freedom to express their individuality and live to their full potential.



  • Happiness: I am at my best when I feel happy and at peace with myself and show gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.
  • Serving Others: It is a great honour to be able to serve others it brings me immense joy to help my customers, family , friends and anyone who is in need of help showing kindness is a very important part of who I am.
  • Resilient: Life is never straight forward and can often bring difficult circumstances , I value being able to learn from any negative experiences and see failures as stepping stones to never giving up.
  • Acceptance : I am at my best when I do not judge others I understand that we are all the same yet we are all unique and that everybody should have the freedom to express themselves .
  • Transparency: I am honest and sincere in all my dealings because I expect the same from others, I believe this builds a strong bond of trust and allows both parties to take off their masks and speak from the heart.
  • Loyalty: I am fully committed and faithful with anyone I initially engage with, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I believe this is how you forge a bond of trust and create a safe place to be yourself.
  • Mindfulness: I am at my best when I acknowledge my thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations in every moment not placing any judgements.
  • Privacy : I like my privacy so I am fully aware of setting personal boundaries and allowing others the right to privacy. Social networks over expose people and I totally understand the need for many to maintain a little bit of mystery.
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