us election day 2016 tarot preditction

US Election Day 2016


US Election Day 2016

US Election Day 2016  Who Will Win? 

US Election Day takes place today so I decided to do a spread about the Election.  The card  in the middle of the spread  is the Seven of Pentacles this is the matter in hand. How appropriate that the Seven of pentacles appears it reflects the mood of the American people. Many people know that they need to make a choice and the impact of that choice will affect them on a practical level employment, economy, housing and finance. 

US Election Day 2016 Prediction

Voting on this US Election day is risky leaving many struggling to make a decision.  This card is fixed energy so this confirms that their choices are limited and there is little room for flexibility. The seven of Pentacles is ruled by the Karmic planet Saturn are the Americans now having to deal with a karmic debt ? Are the foundations laid by their Ancestors starting crumble ?  Will you vote for tradition ( Trump)  ?  Or will you change history forever  ( Clinton) ?





US Election Day 2016 Candidates

 On the Tarot spread above Hillary Clinton is to the left and Donald Trump is to the right. On first glance neither candidate looks promising. There is a lot of emotional blackmail going on between the pair. Past revelations are bringing up intense feelings that have been buried for a long time.

It is a battle of humiliation each candidate digging for dirt which is so apt as the election takes place when the Sun is transiting Scorpio . They are literally demolishing each others characters with sex scandls, creating paranoia and mistrust amongst the voters. US Election day 2016 will be remembered for a long time.



US Election Day 2016 Clinton has the Ten of Wands this is someone who has heavy burdens and experience, knowledge and the ability to work on  numerous projects. Number ten is an ending of some sort so what she has worked hard for is about to come to an end. Clinton has been so busy trying to juggle everything that she cannot see the finish line her arms are full and she must not relax or everything she has worked for will fall away. Clinton needs to pull on her reserves to make it over the finish line.

Has Clinton already peaked ? Her energy levels could be low and she is pushing on with sheer determination and courage. This has been an incredibly long journey and she is not about to give up now





US Election Day 2016

Contrary to Clinton’s card Trump has the Ace of Swords this is a seed/ root card this is someone with no experience but the ability to take an idea and turn into something feasible . He yields his sword with the intention to cut through any bullshit and red tape his main goal is to be victorious and he is willing to cut away anyone that gets in his way.







US Election Day 2016  Hillary Clinton then has the High Priestess suggesting secret knowledge lays just beneath the surface.  Or is Clinton is hiding something ?   I can’t help but wonder if Clinton has some serious health issues that she is not revealing to the public, in fear of being ridiculed. I also feel she is using her feminine energy and trying to draw in votes by appealing to the Women of America, after all she will be the first woman to be President changing American History forever. Hillary also has the advantage of showing empathy and compassion and appealing to people’s needs.






US Election Day 2016

Donald Trump has the Six of cups which is all about the past, tradition, memories, history and childhood. It holds a lot of deep buried emotions. Is Trump trying to take America back to how it used to be ? He is pulling on people’s heartstring and family ancestry . This is a good tactic but you can never go back and recapture what was, change is needed right now more than ever. He is awakening lots of intense emotions that people have buried for a long time. He is targeting the traditional American families.





The outcome cards for both Clinton and Trump both hold a watery feel about them there are lots of emotions wrapped up in this election . Clinton has a Major card The Moon and Trump has a minor card the Five of Cups both cards have an uncertainty about them so is the universe telling me to mind my own business.

US Election Day 2016


Trump has the Five of Cups card which is a card of loss and suffering and all about concentrating and what could have been rather than what is. Will he be crying over spilt milk , rather than celebrating what he has achieved ? There seems to be a lot of stagnant intense energy. Has he lost the trust of the American people ? Will this election leave him feeling betrayed and abandoned ? If he does win will he focus on what America once had rather than what America can build on ?






US Election Day 2016


Clinton has the Moon card this is one of disillusion, deceit, depression, dishonesty,  confusion  and again hidden knowledge. Something is hidden it lays just beneath the surface soon to be revealed. Are their double dealings going on , things may not be as they seem.






I have to say I don’t envy the voters at the moment , there seems to be lot’s of confusion and trust issues going on. I hope and I pray that whoever gets elected offers the American people a chance to live safely .

When I look at the cards I still feel unsure about who is going to win but I am swayed towards Trump being triumphant. We will just have to wait and see. Whatever happens my heart is with the American people today thinking of you all.


love & Peace


US Election Day 2016

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