Two of Pentacles

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Two Of Pentacles


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 Two of Pentacles Is Asking You To Live A Balanced Lifestyle


Two of Pentacles is today’s Tarot Card it is the element of earth and ruled by the zodiac sign Capricorn and associated with the planet Jupiter. The Two of Pentacles  normally appears when we are trying to juggle practical matters or finances, for many this is an ongoing part of life hence the infinity symbol. It also lets us know that life is  in constant flow and we are always trying to create a balanced lifestyle.

The water in the background reminds us not to make decisions based on emotional reactions. At times there is a need to ground yourself and look at things in a practical manner really weigh up the pro’s and con’s of any situation this way you can make confident decisions.

The Two of Pentacles can also appear when we are focusing on one part of our lives like career and forgetting about family, health etc. Have a check and see if you are spending too much time on one thing and neglecting other parts of your life. Harmony and happiness thrive when we are living a balanced lifestyle. Stress and uncertainty tend to occur when you let other things slip and focus on one thing.  You can juggle and succeed it just takes practice and patience. Try to plan ahead this way you have a schedule that will allow you to keep good time management and deal with multiple obligations.

It is all about having a plan of action but being flexible about adding things to it or changing it when unforeseen circumstances come your way. You have the ability to create abundance in your life with careful planning and the understanding that you are responsible for any decisions that you make.

Have a wonderful weekend full of fun, love joy and happiness.


Two of Pentacles

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