Two of Cups and The Nine of Wands



Two Of Cups & The Nine Of Wands

two of cups and the nine of wands


Today’s cards are the Two of Cups and The Nine of Wands


two of cups and the nine of wands

The Two of Cups and The Nine of Wands as a Tarot combination have a very different type of energy. There is a message about merging with another so let’s see if we can break it down to discover the message of love.

The Two of Cups is the element of water and ruled by the planet Venus and the Moon. It is number two from the  Suit of Cups, a suit associated with emotions, feelings, love and romance.  The Number Two is connected to Karma, Choice, Relationships, balance and decisions. It will normally appear when you have started something previously as it’s water this would be connected to love or an emotional experience that needs to be taken further or let go of, hence the time to choose a path do you develop it further or do you end it.

The two of Cups is linked to Engagement, marriage, soulmates, twinflames it reflects a deep bond when two people unite and can offer mutual love and respect. It can mean a friendship or Business partner as well.

It will mean two people are willing to give in equal terms creating a safe place for one another to trust and be emotionally vulnerable. It is when two souls merge and have the opportunity to share growth, joy and happiness. They have each others back and will always protect one another,  this energy reflects the start to a very healthy relationship where love and romance flow from both cups.



two of cups and the nine of wands

The Nine of Wands is the element of Fire and ruled by The Moon and Sagittarius. It is number nine from the fire suit which is all about creativity, passion, lust, adventure, courage and spirituality. The number Nine is connected to  a final stage in a cycle, attainment, Mastery, wisdom and spiritual knowledge

The Nine of Wands will normally reflect a time when you either need to protect yourself from getting hurt or you need to stand your ground or you have your barriers up to protect yourself.

You may have had precious battles that have left you feeling emotionally scared and now you have built a wall around yourself to guard against being hurt again.

This can work both ways you have the right to defend yourself and protect your feelings, but you can also miss out on new emotional experiences because you are so focused on not letting anyone in that you are stopping the flow of love from manifesting in your life.

When the Nine of Wands appears there will be some sort of defensive behaviour going on due to your past. You have to look at the other cards surrounding it to decide whether you should drop your guard or stand your ground.

As it is a number associated with a final stage in the life cycle,  perhaps this will appear to let you know that a change in your own behaviour is needed. Or maybe you need to pull on your inner strength wisdom to get you to the finish line.



Together they bring a message of love and healing. You may have the opportunity to unite with another someone who offers mutual respect , love and friendship . Or you could already be in a relationship and have the opportunity to shine a light on any challenges or obstacles that prevent you from loving each other.

This could bring much healing especially if you have been hurt in the past this is a time to let your barriers down. If your guard is up it is impossible to let another into your heart, this will also prevent you from experiencing love in its purest form.

Imagine if you had never been hurt and you connect with someone on a soul level, your thoughts and emotions would be overflowing with joy, happiness and love, nothing would block you from opening up your heart and soul.

I know how difficult it can be to trust again once you have been hurt, betrayed or rejected. The thought of opening your heart to another makes you feel very vulnerable, and the scars on your heart from previous hurts will automatically open up. This is can have such a detrimental effect on any new or existing relationship. There is a tendency to lock away your heart in order to protect yourself, leaving a part of you closed and never fully entering into a relationship with true authenticity.

Both cards are connected to the Moon and I notice that they add up to 11 and the Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow will be at the 11th degree. This is a known as a master number in Numerology and Virgo is the sign of mastery. Will this Full Moon shine a light on the way you give and receive love? You may need to deal with past lovers, hurts or experiences that have left you with buried emotions, allow them to come to the surface so you can heal and Master the art of giving and receiving love


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Card Images are from The Illuminati Tarot Deck © Copyright Lo Scarabeo Kim Huggers and Erik C Dunne


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