Total Solar Eclipse

 Total Solar Eclipse 2015

We Will Experience A Total Solar Eclipse On The 20/03/2015

 total solar eclipse 2015

A total Solar Eclipse will appear in our skies Tomorrow on the day of the spring equinox.  The moon is a new moon and is at the very beginning of the lunar cycle. It is a time we are encouraged to write down our monthly goals and intentions. However we are about to witness a very powerful mixture of energy that can help us to really look deep into our psyche and let go of traits, behaviour or emotions that have been holding us back in life.

What does all this mean in English you say?

Well firstly the sun will be at 29 degrees Pisces this is the final degree of the whole zodiac. In Astrology the 29th degree is know as the anaretic degree, or the crisis degree. It is the final degree of all the signs from Aries through to Pisces. This degree can be very difficult and can cause problems for people making decisions. It can create a sense of urgency, a person with a planet at 29 degrees in their chart, can feel like there is no time to waste and will often jump into situations without thinking them through. It also has energy of constant endings tying things up before we move on to the next phase.

So What Happens When The New Moon Meets The Sun At The Final Degree Of Pisces?

The super moon involved in the equinox is a new moon this means it is at its very first stage of the lunar phase. However the sun is at the final degree of Pisces and the moon will join the sun. So the best way to translate the energy of the two luminaries ” The Beginning of the end” . It’s a magical time to really look deep inside your psyche and let go of any fears, emotional blockages or self destructive behaviour that is hampering your happiness.

In astrology the Sun represents the father, heart, mission, personality, ego and what we want in life.  The Moon represents the Mother, how we nurture ourselves, feelings, home, habits and our Primeval needs.

The two planets combined may make us question our fundamental wants and needs in life. There maybe an urgency to align our hearts and minds together and let go of any past hurts, in order to move forward and get closer to our true sole purpose in life.

A helpful exercise to do tomorrow would be to write some of the following questions down. This may help you tap into your true feelings about yourself and where you are heading:

What Is my life mission?

What do I really need to make me feel happy In Life?

Am I hiding behind a mask?

Are there emotions or blockages from my childhood holding me back?

Do I have feelings of anger or resentment towards my Father?

Do I have feelings of anger or resentment towards my Mother?

How do I really feel?

The total eclipse can be a time to reflect and turn your thoughts inwards. If you are truthful with yourself and are willing to look at your inner raw feelings, this can be a time of completion for certain situations or circumstances. You may discover feelings that have been buried deep and have not been brought up to the surface. This could have been having a detrimental effect on your progress in life. You have the ability to release any negativity and fears.

If you get the chance I recommend you make a list of what you would like to achieve in the coming year. It is all about letting go and revitalising yourself and working towards fulfilling your true potential.  It is a rare event so please don’t let it pass without making an intention of positivity in your life.

There may not be an instant change but you can sow a seed of intention and prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally for new beginnings. Use this magical porthole of energy to reflect and readjust ready to forge ahead in the coming year.

If you would like to know more details about when and where you can witness this beautiful total solar eclipse then please click on the link below. I hope you enjoy the total solar eclipse and feel empowered by its energy.

Information On Where You Can See The Total Solar Eclipse 2015


 Total Solar Eclipse 2015

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