The Hermit & The Six Of Swords

 The Hermit & The Six Of Swords…


The Hermit & The Six Of SwordsThe Hermit &The Six Of SwordsWhy It’s Good To Keep A Daily Tarot Diary…..

Everyday I will be pulling two cards from my tarot deck to see what sort of energy I can expect to encounter during the day. This is a great way to learn tarot card combinations, it’s great to learn the individual meanings but when you pull two cards that have a very different energy, it can be difficult to interpret the meaning of the two cards together. Hopefully my daily diary will give you some tips on how combining the two cards can create a union of energy.

The Hermit & The Six Of SwordsThe Hermit…

The Hermit is number 9 in the Major Arcana and is ruled by the horoscope sign Virgo. When the Hermit card appears we may feel the need to have some alone time. It could be a good time to reflect what is going on in our inner world rather than focusing on our external environment.

There maybe a feeling of isolation and detachment from other’s. It may be a time when we have to face life alone or even if there is a room full of people we may feel alone. There is nothing wrong with solitude it gives you time to think things through without being interrupted or influenced by other people.

This could be a great time to seek professional advice, therapy or counselling from an older, wiser individual who can help shed light on our inner state of consciousness.

Key Words: Wise Older person, Isolation, Loneliness, self reflection, seeking spiritual guidance, self discovery ,  searching for meaningful answers, needing space , withdrawal, serious study time ,looking for answers within.

The Hermit &The Six Of SwordsThe Six Of Swords..

The Six of swords is number 6 in the suit of swords a part of the Minor Arcana. It is associated with the horoscope sign Aquarius. When The Six of Swords appears it is telling us to look at a situation that no longer suits us. It may have caused much mental conflict for the person and family members. It is a time to move on and create a new stimulating situation.

The person may have had a rough ride a very worrying, anxious and unstable time in their lives. There could be an opportunity to leave it all behind and move on to more peaceful, calmer times.

There may be an opportunity for you to travel abroad or relocate, or you may meet someone from a far way place that can offer you a better life option.

The Six Of Swords may also appear when there has been a loss of a loved one. It could be prompting us to move on to the next stage of the grieving process.

Key Words: The end of stress , severing ties , a trip abroad , relocating ,  moving on from conflict , going with the flow , released from mental anxiety , a death that ends suffering , a change of attitude.

All card images are from The Gilded Tarot Deck ©  Copyright Llewellyn Publications.

What Happens When You Combine The Hermit & The Six Of Swords ?

When we combine The Hermit & The Six of Swords  we may come across a wiser, older person such as a therapist who can assist us in leaving behind negative situations and circumstances that have hampered our inner growth and leaked into our external environment.

The Hermit is about looking into ones self and finding answers or seeking help from someone who has experience in helping us achieve this. The six of Swords os about letting go of a bad situation or inner conflict, mental anxieties and moving forward in life.

So this combination is really good if you asked the questions

” Shall I move on from this relationship ” ?

” Would I benefit form therapy ” ?

” Is it a good time to leave this destructive situation”?

There are many more questions and situations where the The Hermit and The Six of Swords could be combined. Through dialogue with an experienced person you should be able to make an informed choice and achieve a favourable outcome.

Love Light & Peace x

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The Hermit & The Six Of Swords

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