The Four Blood Moons

The Four Blood Moons

The Four Blood Moons

The Four Blood moons will occur during 2014 – 2015 this is know as a Tetrad…

Blood moonThe moon is given the name blood moon because during a full lunar eclipse the moon is behind the shadow of the earth and this turns the moon red.

In history when a tetrad has occurred there have been significant events. This is an unusual event it has only happened eight times in the last 2.000 years. Tetrad will not happen again for another 400 years.

The first blood moon occurred on the 15th April 2014 the second 8th October 2014  and the third is today 4th April 2015.  The fourth and final blood moon will occur on September 28th 2015.

From a religious perspective there are some interesting facts about the dates that the blood moons happen to fall on. All blood moons in this Tetrad happen to fall on Jewish feasts Passover and Sukkot. Furthermore the Total Sun eclipse on the 20th March 2015 falls on the same date that Jewish people were freed from Egypt. Is this a coincidence or will the blood moons trigger a significant event?

Astrologically all four blood moons fall in the Aries / Libra axis of self and relationships. So how could the blood moons influence us in our daily lives. In astrology the moon represents our mother, the way we nurture ourselves, daily habits , our emotions , our needs, where we live, our sub conscious, how we empathise, our feelings , food and much more.

The Four blood moonsAries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars and is concerned with itself, it’s all about how it can initiate, invent, speed,  passion, drive, aggression, motivation, winning, war, masculine energy, take action, risk taking and protecting and defending ones self.



The Four Blood MoonsLibra is ruled by Venus and is all about partnerships and creating balance, love, values, money, peace, justice, beauty ,  harmony, relationships, uniting of two people, feminine energy and balance.



This is a great time to look at how we as individuals can take action in initiating a new way that we as humans connect with each other. In the words of Edwin Star ” War  huh yeah, what is it good for , absolutely nothing”. We have battled with one another since time began and it clearly dosen’t solve anything. There is a real need to co-habit on this beautiful planet as individuals in peace and harmony.

The eclipses are all about beginnings and endings and they bring powerful energy that forces us to look at ourselves. On a personal level this particular lunar eclipse  is in the zodiac sign of Libra, so it is asking us to take action in our relationships/partnerships and bring them back into balance.

You may have to shift your energy into balance you may have spending too much time focusing on your own needs or being argumentative. You can spend this time reflecting what it is you really want out of your relationships. Do they make you feel passionate and alive?  or are they leaving you feeling angry and dissatisfied ?

Take time out to look deeply at how you connect with others in your life you may feel a major shift of how you interact in your relationships. If you have planets in Aries or Libra in your birth chart the eclipse will have a deeper impact on you.

For those of you that are lucky enough to see the eclipse let the energy into your soul and get ready for change.


Love , Light & Peace. x


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The Four Blood Moons

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