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The Empress Card Tarot…

The Empress Is The Mother Of The Tarot Deck..

The EmpressSince it is mothers day today I thought it would be nice to celebrate it with the mother of tarot deck, The Empress card. The Empress is number 3 of the major arcana and is associated with the planet Venus. The Empress is feminine energy she represents how we nurture our children, family, or business.

The Empress card is normally associated with pregnancy, fertility or giving birth. However I think there is so much more to her than that. The Empress represents the ripe fruit that hangs from the trees. The seed that you planted some months ago is now fertile and ready to enjoy.

The Empress is the creator of life, when the Empress  card appears it can be a good time to give birth to a creative project or look at what you value in your life. We may be encountering a love relationship that we appreciate.

This Tarot Deck is called The Gilded Tarot © Llewellyn Publications , artist Ciro Marchetti .

The Mother

In the Rider Waite Deck The Empress sits on her throne with her luxurious gown over flowing she looks very satisfied you can see a heart with the venus symbol inside and her crown made of 12 stars which some say represents the 12 horoscope signs  © copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc.The Empress

This is someone who can comfort you and make you feel loved and valued. It often represents the mother, grandmother or another female figure in your life.

It could be a time when you are considering becoming a mother yourself and depending on what cards sit with The Empress you may be fertile and ready to become a mummy.

The Empress combined with other cards will have various meanings. The Empress may appear when we are feeling confident and have high self esteem. We may feel satisfied with the material abundance in our lives and have everything we need to make us feel nurtured.

Key words: Mother, grandmother, wife, pregnancy, fertility, creativity, high self esteem, beginning of a project, abundance , nurturing, material wealth, affection , mother nature, prosperity, fruitfulness and practical help from a woman.

The Empress

So on this very special day I would like to wish all the wonderful mother’s out there a very happy mother’s day. Thank you for all your hard work in loving, nurturing, working and guiding your children in the right direction.

Being a mother is such an important role and can be very demanding but it also brings much joy so cheers to all you beautiful mum’s and a big big thank you to my mum whom I am very proud of and love deeply.

One more last thing let’s all raise a glass or a cheer and remember all the mum’s that are no longer with us.

Love Light and peace x

The Empress

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