Supermoon Taurus 14 November 2016

Supermoon In Taurus November 2016




 Supermoon In Taurus Tarot Reading November 2016


 Supermoon  means when the Moon is nearest to our beautiful planet Earth. This Supermoon is particularly important because it hasn’t been this near since 1948. There is a real buzz about this Supermoon please try and take time out to look up to the  sky and see just how bright and beautiful she is.

This is a Taurus Moon at 22 degrees. So if you have any planets in the your Natal chart between 20- 26 degrees this Supermoon will have a major impact in your life. ( You can get your free birth chart by clicking here ).

Also if you have any Natal planets at the degree of 22 – 29 an opportunity or new beginning would have started 18 months ago. This would have been the first phase of what we call a Moon Family. The Moon Family started it’s cycle with a New Moon on May 18th 2015 at 26 degrees Taurus. So whatever it was that started back in May  it is about to be at it’s fullest potential and you will become aware of the whole picture.

The Moon is on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio so it will be about the structure, traditions,  possessions, control , Foundations and desires. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is all about Femininity, value,  love , peace, art opposite Scorpio that is ruled by the Masculine planet Mars all about drive, sex, passion, desires, war , blood  and what you are willing to fight for. This is an intense Supermoon with fixed energy giving little room for flexibility.  In order to honour this Supermoon try to dig deep and release any emotional blockages that you have prevented you from surging forward on your current path.

I decided to do a Supermoon Tarot reading to see how you could benefit from this  Supermoon Intense energy:

Supermoon in Taurus


Card 1 :  5 of Pentacles is in the  position of the past it allows you to see what has caused blockages on your current path. This is a card of conflict and deprivation and brings challenging energy somewhere in the past you may have felt like you were left out in the cold. Which could have conjured up feelings of depression, loneliness, isolation, poverty, ill health  leaving you unable to reach out for help.

This situation has probably left you feeling inadequate and uncertain. It feels like you against the world. Although you have tried to  move on from that episode, there could be stubborn buried emotions lingering deep inside creating the current blockages on your current path. This card is ruled by Taurus as is the Supermoon this is fixed energy can be hard to shift.





Card 2: 5 of Wands, again another five appears this is also challenging, conflicting, struggling energy you are either in battle with others or with yourself. The Supermoon will illuminate whatever  is stagnant to allow you to shift it once and for all. The air needs to be cleared stop putting it off,  be courageous and face your opponents/ self doubts with courage and strength you can no longer ignore it.  Being passive at this time will not help you move forward. You need to be assertive too many people are having a say in your life you need to pick up your baton and show them just how self confident, passionate and strong you are. It’s time to lift the restrictions and shine like the star you are.







Card 3: 3 of Pentacles this is an action card and also associated with Taurus. By confronting the conflicting and challenging people/emotions you will have the opportunity to release the blockages that prevent you on your current path. You may have to take a few steps back but it will be well worth it because you can rebuild with solid unshakable foundations and create something of substance. It may feel like you have gone backwards but be patient with yourself and persevere you will become the Master of your own destiny.

Summary: The first two cards add to ten this is an ending of some sort and because the cards bring challenging and conflict energy this is good.  You now have the opportunity to really dig deep and unblock stagnant, festering feelings that no longer serve you. The card in the future position is the Three of Pentacles which is a birthing card. If you release the blockages you will have the chance to rebuild your path and create long term success and happiness.

I hope you benefit from the Tarot Reading if you would like your own personal Full Moon reading please click on the link below. Whatever this Supermoon conjures up  I hope you benefit in someway.



Full Moon Tarot Reading What Do You Need To Release ?


Much Love  xx



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