Scorpio Tarotscope September 2018

Scorpio Tarotscope September 2018 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you deep souls with health  , money , communication , work and love…



You should find yourself in good health this month a great time to set intentions for a new healthy lifestyle this is will have the potential to bring you long term health benefits.

It is important that you guys do a regular detox because more than any sign you guys  tend to hold on to toxins in your body. So look at ways you can detox it will make you feel full of energy and raring to go. 

You may also invest in a new gym pass or buy items that will improve or transform the way you look physically such as clothes or make up .


You could find that you have to spend money on your home . Or you could be looking at ways you can earn money , use your intuition when it comes to ways of earning or saving money. 

Try to look at ways you can tune into your money karma . Look up  Law of Attraction a simple practice that shows you how to turn your life around and manifest wealth . You currently have Jupiter the planet of abundance and good fortune in your sign so make the most of this transit .

Like the Moon  who rules the ebb and flow of the sea.   Money is all about flow so trusting that it comes and goes whenever you need it and not hanging on to it will prevent any blockages.



You could find yourself having some transforming conversations this month you could meet people of power or who can offer you advice with practical or financial matters.

You could also find that others seek you out to ask you for advice and guidance connected to the material world . After all you have insights into everything you see things that the rest of us are unable to see.  

This is a time you will feel in control of how you communicate and others may notice an air of confidence about you. You won’t be pushed around and you may tend to control what topics are to be discussed.


Work Life

You could find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to work you may have to make some very important decisions but you feel indecisive about what path to take. Normally you are head strong and know exactly what action to take you dont ever think  things through you can be impulsive and just go for it.

This month you may feel hesitant and need to look at the facts and even seek out advice from someone you trust who can help you gain clarity with what you need to do.

You could find that your love life may interfere with your work as your mind is occupied with your love matters and this can cause confusion . Try to seperate the two I know this can be hard for you because you feel so intensely but it is important in order to clear your head .



You could find some conflicts or challenges with your relationships so much so you may call on a third party intervene because you and your partner may struggle to listen to each other and see each others point of view.

If you feel misunderstood it is easy for you to either erupt like a volcano or give the silent treatment.  You tend to hold on to things,  if you get hurt you can be resentful and unforgiving.

This is like holding on to poison for you so it is important to find a way to express yourself emotionally to your partner.  You may find that old wounds are opened up this can be a good thing helping you to heal them once and for all instead of suppressing your pain. 




Have an amazing month my deep ones may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.

Dates to put in your diary :

New Moon : 9/09/2018 ( Set intentions , wishes and monthly goals ) Great time to start new healthy lifestyle.

Full Moon : 25/09/2018A great day to let go of any emotional blockages

Saturn goes direct: Time to turn your plans into concrete results.

Sun enters Libra : 23/09/2018

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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