Sagittarius Tarotscope September 2018

Sagittarius Tarotscope September 2018 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you adventurous souls with health  , money , communication, work and love …

Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising




It is important this month that you listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right then you are probably right . You could be concerned with how others are treating you and feel as though there are hidden agendas and betrayal going on. 

You must take care of your mental health and ensure that you do not get stressed out or anxious . If something is out of sorts work on ways you can fix them perhaps by detaching from people or circumstances that cause you stress.

It would also be a great idea to be honest about your current lifestyle , if you are over indulging in alcohol  , fast foods or smoking and lying to yourself about how much you are actually consuming this will catch up with you.

As there is a New Moon in Virgo on the 9th of September look at ways you can improve your health by setting intentions not to drink as much or include some exercise or add healthier food to your menu .

If you cheat you are only cheating yourself and overindulging in the things you love will eventually catch up with you.  So set a new routine and have faith that you can stick with it and watch as your health improves over the next month or so.


If you have been having money troubles lately maybe you have been travelling a bit too much we know how you globetrotters love to get around. This could have left your wallet a little bit empty try not to stress out .

Get manifesting you Saggy’s have the power to attract good fortune into your life because of your optimism you will always attract what you set your heart on. A gateway is opening for you to get your funds back in to balance if they have been up and down look forward to a more balanced bank account.

You have the ability to attract exactly what you need right now so have faith and trust that the Universe will provide exactly what you need.




You may find that your communications can be up and down as you let your emotions interfere with what you have to say. If you love a drink or two try to avoid serious emotional talks as this could cause misunderstandings.

There are opportunities for new creative projects to take place trust your intuition and follow what feels right for you . There is an opportunity for Conversations about spirituality and you may find yourself opening up and expressing yourself more than you normally would.

You could have some unexpected events or surprises that will blow your mind. Be open and ready for all sorts this month. Unusual conversations could lead to magical places  anything is possible .


Work Life

Work could not be so busy for you this month and expect a few surprises or disruptions to your daily or work routines. You will need to recoup after a heavy month last month so try to take things slow rather than rushing around like a headless chicken .

Perhaps after a hectic few months you now need to rest your mind because you could feel mentally and emotionally exhausted . Try not to take on more than you can handle.

Look at ways you can calm your mind after a busy day at work like meditation or soothing music anything that helps you to wind down and relax.




Ay caramba you guys should be filled with passion this month . Ready to control in the bedroom and please your partner as much as you can . If you have experienced some frustration and difficult times in the past month or so then you should now be able to make up.

You guys can often struggle in relationships because you are such independent free spirits and you understand that the world is full of adventure and filled with lots and lots of love opportunities.

So if you are in a relationship this is a great time to express to your partner just how much they mean to you and how they fill you with excitement.

If you are single you may get many opportunities to go on dates with a variety of people you will have the power to pick and choose who you gets to sit on your throne.




Have an amazing month my adventurous ones may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.


Dates to put in your diary :

New Moon : 9/09/2018 ( Set intentions , wishes and monthly goals ) Great time to start new healthy lifestyle.

Full Moon : 25/09/2018A great day to let go of any emotional blockages

Saturn goes direct: Time to turn your plans into concrete results.

Sun enters Libra : 23/09/2018

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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