Pluto Square Uranus

Pluto Square Uranus

Pluto Square UranusPluto square Uranus but what does that mean in real terms?

Are you feeling the effects of this astrological aspect? Pluto is sitting firmly in Capricorn at 15 degrees. Capricorn is a sign ruled  by Saturn so its all about structure creating something practical, ladder climbing, seriousness, responsibility, routine , firm foundations, restrictions, being sober, industrious, self discipline,  brick walls, pertinence, obeying the rules, tangible results, respect for elders, efficient, control, planning, discipline,  Ranks, hierarchy, traditions, older people, death and authorities.

Then the god of the underworld Pluto, comes to visit Capricorn and he wants to know what lies beneath the foundations he wants to dig deep like a mole and bring the dirt to the surface. Pluto has no concerns for how you may feel about it, he is going to do his stuff whether you like it or not.  Pluto will find your skeletons and drag them out the closet.

Pluto Square UrnausPluto wants you to look at something, he is not going to come in and ask nicely he is just going to take control. Pluto can reveal your darkest secrets, fears, control issues, taboos and power struggles. Sounds dark right, but wait what happens when we are stripped of our foundations and forced to look deep inside?

When Pluto strikes it’s a great time to transform yourself and your surroundings. Pluto transits can be really tough at the times, and there are valuable life lessons to learn. Try not to resist the energy that Pluto brings, go with the flow and use it to regenerate your life. The sayings ” Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over”. “What dosen’t kill you makes you stronger” . Can you imagine the sense of freedom Pluto could leave behind you have nothing left to fear.

I chose the Death card and The Devil card because  this combination together is Pluto in Capricorn. The Death card is number 13 in the major arcana and is associated with the horoscope sign of Scorpio, which is all about digging deep, intensity, passion, letting go and  regeneration. The Devil is number 15 in the Major arcana and is associated with the horoscope sign of Capricorn.

When the death card appears there is no need to fear it, and certainly don’t run, this is a great opportunity to regenerate yourself and your life out with the old and in with the new. It is time to let go of patterns in your life that no longer serve you justice. A time to go with the flow and not show resistance to change. Change and transformation are good for you and is needed for the next chapter of your life.

Pluto Square UranusOk so you get the gist of pluto in Capricorn now I am going to throw uranus in this little rebel is not going to let Pluto have all the fun he wants to shake it up a bit. Uranus is also 15 degrees sitting firmly in Aries,  the ruler of Mars and Pluto this is some big energy. They are in a hard aspect called a square so they are in conflict. ” No where to run to , nowhere to hide” .

So now Pluto has messed around with your foundations, routine, systems Uranus wants to wake you up to a new way of thinking. Uranus wants you to cut away the S@@t in your life and wake you up to your true potential. Uranus wants you to rebel against your traditions and stop conforming to what is expected of you from your parents, elders, restrictive authority figures.

This is a great time to challenge yourself with any outdated beliefs, systems, routines, patterns, relationships and work related issues.  Find out who you really are, give yourself permission to run free even if it’s only in your head to begin with. These forces are fighting against each other and you may feel caught between the two types of energy. You may have to decide, whether to conform or to storm ?

Pluto square uranus is in a tight square which is know as a hard aspect in astrology starting today until the 28th of March. Then Uranus moves on in Aries, and although they will still be aspecting the intensity will start to waver.


Pluto Square Uranus

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