New Moon May 2018 will be at 24 degrees Taurus . I want to talk about some of the things you can do to make the most of this energy . What you should be aware of and how you can benefit form the New Moon May 2018.

A New Moon occurs during the first phase of the monthly lunar cycle. The Moon is always joined by the Sun which gives us all a  boost of vitality. The New Moon May 2018 makes a particular fertile combination , like soil for us to grow things of substance. The Sun provides the light . The Moon provides the Water and nourishment . Taurus the earth in which we can plant our seeds of creativity.  Venus the love that any seed needs in order to fully bloom.

The Sun is Masculine energy and the Moon feminine.  When the Luminaries join together for a New Moon it reminds me of  the Yin and Yang symbol. Great forces merge together, everything is in synch and in agreement for you to start a new cycle.


New Moon energy in Taurus can also be used to make wishes and set intentions for the month ahead. So take time out to write  what you would like achieve in the coming month. As Taurus is an earth sign you might what to focus on manifesting items or situations associated with material possessions , values , practicality and finance . It is all about laying down solid long lasting foundations for the future.

You can download a free New Moon wish list diary over at Stellium Astrology . A great way to log what you wish to manifest or intend to do in the coming month. This will give you the opportunity to go back over and see if your wishes and intentions happened. You can also adjust your goals and intentions if things change in your life.


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is fixed energy and ruled by the planet Venus. It is connected to love , money, banking ,  foundations , the land , property , values , peace ,  nature , pleasure and beauty. This New Moon could bring up issues related to them areas of your life.  Have you been stubborn in embracing change ? If you have been rigid about changing,  then get ready for a shake up or wake up call.

Uranus the planet of unpredictability and liberation enters Taurus today .  It will remain there for several years and this transit only happens every 84 years.  The time has come to get out of your comfort zone something Taurus loves so much.

Be prepared for shocks , surprises , break ups , break throughs , sudden change , traumas , freedom and change . Depending on what house Taurus rules or what planets you have in the fixed signs of Taurus , Leo , Scorpio and Aquarius will determine the impact Uranus has on your life.

Uranus will be conjunct Mercury the planet of communication so don’t be surprised if you find yourself speaking up after all Taurus rules the throat and the throat houses your voice , so you could find yourself communicating differently . Freedom of speech or speaking your truth are some of the ways that the Uranus /Mercury conjunction may manifest.

There could also be some change with finance the Uranus energy is so erratic and unpredictable . You could win the lottery or become financially unstable , anything is possible.


Algol is a fixed star and resides at 26 degrees Taurus. It is a part of the constellation Perseus , known as the Demon star,  Algol is said to be one of the most unfortunate  and evil fixed stars, it represents Medusas head . It is connected to violence, hanging , beheading,  misfortune , pain , suffering , being crazy or literally losing your mind.

The New Moon and Sun will be conjunct this unfortunate star , it all sounds like doom and gloom but I think you can use this energy in a positive way.  There may be life lessons that we need to attend to that can no longer be ignored and as this has a feel of  Saturn /Pluto energy so something that you may have buried deep that you would rather not face could now surface in order for you to deal with once and for all.

Medusa’s hair was made of snakes an animal connected to transformation. If you have planets at or around 26 degrees Taurus or in the fixed signs of Leo , Scorpio or Aquarius you the time may have come for you to transform in some way , shed things that have been blocking you . What is ugly with in you ?  What rage do you hold within ?   What makes you lose your mind ? What blocks you from taking action ? These are some of the questions you might like to ask yourself.


I have created a three card Tarot spread to see how the collective can take advantage of this powerful energy.


First card is the seven of pentacles and is ruled by Saturn and Taurus and the first question is :

What Intentions can you set ?

The Seven of Pentacles is ruled by Saturn and Taurus and is related to the material world . It will normally appear at a time when you are readjusting or contemplating what your next stage in development will be.

If you have been working really hard you could of accumulated wealth , but also extra duties and responsibilities that are leaving you with very little time for you to do anything else in life. You may now be wondering if is worth all the sacrifices you have made.

Work and duties could have left you leading an unbalanced lifestyle , with very little time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. At this point you must decide whether to carry on the same path you are on , or do you readjust , rethink and make different plans and Intentions.

Use the energy of the New Moon to set new Intentions and goals connected to the material and physical aspects of your life such as work , health , money and relationships. This will give you the opportunity to restore a more balanced life and  lift restrictions off the time you get to enjoy yourself. Remember the motto ‘Work hard , play hard “.


Second card is the Ten of Cups it is ruled by Mars and Pisces and the second question is :

What do you need to let go of ?

The Ten of Cups is ruled by Mars and Pisces. It is a number ten which often means something is coming to an end or you are about

to experience and ending. It is a card full of love and abundance so letting go can be hard because whatever you have to say goodbye to has probably given you so much joy and treasured memories that letting go is hard.

This is a card is one of emotional fulfilment, it’s associated with family , the home and I personally link it to the people’s comfort zone.  It can often appear when the dynamics of your family , friends or home life has to change. Kids maybe leaving home , there maybe a separation within the family or you may have to move home.

If something or someone brings you so much happiness and joy it can be extremely hard to let it go . You are being asked to let go of a situation or person that you love dearly. The thing to remember is you will always have memories that you can treasure foreever .

Life is in constant flow and the wheel of fate is turning. You are being asked to let go so you can embrace a new cycle. One that can bring just as much joy and happiness , be brave and accept the changes that need to take place.

Third card is the King of Swords and is ruled Taurus and Gemini and the third question is :

What positive energy will emerge ?

The king of Swords is ruled by Gemini and the Moon’s ruler Taurus. The king is the highest ranking court card and lets you know that you can take control of your life and implement the necessary  transformations that need to take plac

You may find that you need to make big life changing decisions connected to love, money , home , property and values. It is important to look at all the information and facts that you gather this will allow you to make clear decisions with confidence.

You have the power and strength to transform parts of your life that have become stale and blocked. Now is the time to detach and cut away  what prevents you from taking action.




Two of the cards are ruled by the Moon’s ruler Taurus they are asking you to get out of your comfort zone. What you have traditionally done may need adapting. Use this time to change your plans and intentions . Be aware and awake to unexpected issues or challenges that make appear suddenly.

With Uranus entering Taurus today your foundations can become unstable. You are being asked to think outside the box and welcome in new ideas or ways of doing things.

Card Images are from The Tarot of Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Us Games Systems Inc Ciro Marchetti and Lee Bursten




new moon may 2018This is the symbol of Taurus . You can check out which house Taurus rules in your Natal chart for free click here . Your Natal chart will be sent directly to your  email .  It will look similar to the chart below .  Send me a screenshot of your chart over on instagram and I will tell you what house taurus rules .

Whatever house it rules will determine the impact that the New Moon and Uranus will have on your life.

new moon may 2018


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post please feel free to connect with me on my social media  . Happy New Moon blessings beautiful people may it bring you everything you desire .



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