Mars Trine Jupiter

Mars Trine Jupiter In the Skies Tonight But What Does it Mean?

Mars Trine JupiterHow Mars Trine Jupiter Will Help Us To Forget About The Harder Aspects Going On In The Sky…

Mars Trine Jupiter is bringing big energy into our psyche. Mars is in Aries it’s natural home and Jupiter is in Leo all ruled by the fire element ( goodness gracious great balls of fire ). These are the big boys playing nicely giving off  expansive energy and giving us the vitality to grasp any opportunities that come our way.

Now would be a great time to fight for what you believe in, you may have the capacity to push forward in any entrepreneurial or enterprising activities. Take advantage of this energy and apply it to your creative activities, art , drama or sport.

Big doors could be opening for you now and you may truly believe in your heart that you have the courage and energy to make things happen. You could get carried away remind yourself that your only human or are you? You may have your Superman pants on right about now.

This combination is great for traveling and having adventures, it really is a time to take massive action in whatever pursuits you choose.  Mars trine Jupiter involving Aries and Leo is about the big ego and feeding it with whatever makes you happy.

You could find yourself in the right place at the right time, promote yourself and show the world what you are made of don’t hold back this is a time when you will feel confident and want to get ahead in life. Your competitive nature may be at an all time high.

Obviously we all have a Mars and a Jupiter in our birth charts so everyone will experience this transit differently. I wish you all a very prosperous and happy Mars Trine Jupiter transit.


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Mars Trine Jupiter



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