Lunar Eclipse January 31st 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse January 31st 2018


Lunar Eclipse 31st January 2018

A Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on the 31st of January 2018 , there will also be a Supermoon , Blue Moon and Blood Moon.  Together the event is called a Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse ! What a mouth full . I love Astrology but even I am confused about all the different titles and what they mean so I thought we could learn together the meaning of this rare event , the last time it happened was 150 years ago . I have broken down each element so we have a better understanding of what it all means.

Lunar Eclipse January  31st 2018

Firstly let’s start with the Total Lunar Eclipse this occurs when the Moon is at her fullest and moves directly behind the Earth into  the Earth’s shadow . A total Eclipse can only happen when the Moon Sun and Earth are aligned and the Earth blocks all direct Sunlight from falling onto the Moon’s surface. My scientific and technical knowledge of a Lunar Eclipse is very limited so for further details on the science of how it all works please click here

Blue Moon Meaning

A Blue Moon happens when two Full Moons fall in the same calendar month. The First Blue Full Moon was on the 1st of January 2018 and the second will be on the 31st of January 2018. It’s a rare event and hence the saying ” Once in a Blue Moon”.


Have you ever looked at a Full Moon and thought wow that looks so big and bright so much closer to the Earth than Usual , well you have probably witnessed a Supermoon . It happens when a Full Moon is orbiting at its closest point to Earth. If you want to know the science behind it just watch the short video below.


Blood moon

The title Blood Moon comes from the colour of the Moon during a Lunar Eclipse it turns a reddish brown. It is also given that name when there are four Consecutive Lunar a Eclipses in a row this happened back in 2014 / 2015. I have previously written posts on the Blood Moons and the connection they have with Jewish celebrations , holidays and festivals. click here to read all about my last post on Blood Moons and the connection to the Jewish community and Israel.  This Blood Moon falls on the 31st of January which coincides with Tu B’Shvat  know as the Festival of Trees . In Israel it is day to celebrate environmental awareness and Trees are planted by Individuals, click here for more information about the Festival of Trees .


Full Moon

Lunar EclipseNone of the above can occur unless the Moon is at her fullest during the lunar cycle. The Moons cycle is approximately 29.5 days to complete a lunar cycle. The Full Moon phase is when the Moon it is at her fullest and brightest .

In Astrology the Full Moon is a time when we get to see the whole picture things may come to light about certain life events and situations. The Full Moon can often expose buried feelings and emotions that have laid beneath the surface for a long time. It can sometimes be when secrets are revealed and hidden information comes to light.

The Sun always opposes a Full Moon on the 31st of January the Moon will be at 11 degrees Leo opposing the Sun at 11 degrees Aquarius this is fixed energy so whatever changes take place could have a long term effect.


Brief Overview of the Moons Meaning in Astrology

In Astrology the Moon  is connected to the Mother archetype , feelings , emotions ,  womb , family , habits , needs , Intuition , gut instincts ,  protection , safety ,  the type of food we eat, inner child , home , how we nurture ourselves and others . The Moon rules the Astrological sign Cancer we all have Cancer in our Natal charts and we all have a Moon sign so depending on what house Cancer is and our Moon is in will reveal how we deal with issues connected to the Moon such as emotions and feelings, the character of our Mother .


If you are unsure of what zodiac sign your Natal Moon is in please click here  and pop in your details to get your free birth chart.  This will show you what your Moon sign is. The Symbol for the Moon is similar to the photo on the left. To find out what zodiac sign your Moon is in simply look for the Moon Symbol then on the edge of the circle you will see the various zodiac symbols representing each zodiac sign . The Symbols are displayed below so you will be able to identify your moon and zodiac sign. If you are still unsure of your moon sign you can always ask me for help it’s easiest to catch me on instagram I don’t bite so please don’t be shy I am always willing to help .

How The Total  Lunar Eclipse Could Affect Us Globally

The Moon controls the tides here on Earth and often when there are Lunar or Solar Eclipses it can coincide with natural disasters such as landslides , earthquakes , tidal waves ,  famine  , extreme weather conditions, hurricanes and Tsunamis . There can also be a rise in conflict around the world.  I am not predicting such events and I hope that this Lunar Eclipse comes and goes without any major disruptions but I will be watching over the next few weeks to see if there are any global incidents that coincide with the Lunar Eclipse.

I have selected a Tarot Card and asked what will be the impact of the Lunar Eclipse for the Collective ?


Interestingly the Six of Wands is ruled by Jupiter and Leo and this Full Moon will be at 11 degrees Leo. Leo is connected to the ego, leadership , royalty it can be about the self.  Whilst opposite Leo where the Sun will be shining is Aquarius the sign of the common people connected with Humanitarians , equality and standing up for a good cause and the Underdogs.

Maybe we could see a rise in rallies , demonstrations a start of a human revolution  the collective wanting answers from their leaders on issues that affect us all . This is a card of victory and recognition so there could be a change in mood around the world. Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings , the Six of Wands is a very positive card so we could see changes for the better particularly as Venus is conjunct the Sun this is connected to love , values and money.

The Sun is Masculine and the Moon Feminine so we could be dealing with issues of equality looking for balance between the sexes , and women wanting to be valued on equal terms as men. If things have been simmering then it’s all about to come to the surface.


 How The Total Lunar Eclipse Could Affect The Zodiac Signs

I have selected a Tarot Card for each Zodiac sign to see the type of energy that the Lunar Eclipse could activate.

Aries Lunar Eclipse

The card selected is Justice this is number 11 of the Major Arcana and ruled by the zodiac sign Libra which is interesting because in Astrology Libra and Aries are on the same axis. This tells me that Aries may have to deal with issues about other people particularly in relationships , friendships and partnerships. The Lunar Eclipse may bring up karmic issues that need to be addressed especially if there is an imbalance in any of your relationships.

You may have to face the consequences of past actions and weigh things up this could be a time when you need to detach from certain people , behaviour and attitudes that do not align with your values. Be truthful about your current position this is a turning point that will allow you to let go of what not longer suits you .

You may have to align the give and take in all your relationships are you people pleasing to much and not being true to yourself ? Or are you be too selfish and thinking only of about you ? Time to get things in balance The is Lunar Eclipse will light up any issues you are currently experiencing and give you the opportunity to start again and be more mindful of your role in all of your relationships.


Lunar eclipse

The card selected is the Nine of Cups ruled by Pisces and Jupiter.  Jupiter is currently in Scorpio opposite the sign of Taurus . Jupiter is the planet of abundance , good fortune , optimism and expansion. This Lunar eclipse could be a great time to highlight your dreams and visions , if you have worked hard you could be seeing the tangible results that you have manifested through your determination and dedication.  The Lunar Eclipse could highlight the progress you have made over the past six months. For example  if you have lost weight or give up smoking you should now be enjoying the rewards.

This is known as the wish card so don’t hold back think of all the things that you would love to have or achieve and let them come to the surface , you have to have faith that your life can expand it maybe a new home , new job or a new relationship that you desire . The Universe works in mysterious ways and things can change suddenly so believe that you deserve the very best and see positive things unfold.


Lunar Eclipse

The card selected for Geminis is the Three of Swords this is ruled by Libra and Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse could create communication difficulties.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be you personally but  it could be people around you . Communication is key to really get to the heart of the matter your mind could be so clouded because of all the emotional upset the Lunar Eclipse can intensify this for you , so be prepared for painful emotions and feelings to rise up from below.

The Three of Swords is connected to heartache , betrayal  sadness , loneliness , separation , grief and rejection so these are just some of the circumstances that may manifest in your environment.

Although it may be painful it will allow you to bring everything up to the surface face the truth of the matter,  once you face the painful truth you then have the power to look at ways of releasing the hurt and healing your heart .

Gemini rules friends and siblings so if this is not you suffering then you could be expected to help others with reassuring and comforting words. You may have to act as a councillor in a relationship  or become the third party so that everyone involved can look at the facts and find a solution in moving forward. Your words are your most powerful tool so use them wisely.


The card selected is the Ten of Cups this is ruled by Mars and Pisces and heralds an ending of some sort . The Lunar Eclipse could help you say goodbye to something you would rather hang onto. It could have given you much happiness and abundance but now you have to let it go this could be connected to your family or home life .

You may have to dig deep and be strong sometimes this can mean a child leaving home or a separation you could have held in your emotions regarding a loss of a family member. This Lunar Eclipse will help you take action and release any stagnant emotions that are stopping you from enjoying new emotional experiences.

You could also experience some issues with money this could be inheritance or there could be arguments regarding who is paying bills etc with family members. Things that have been hidden could come to light this is a good thing it is all about facing what lays below so you can transform the family dynamics for the better a clean slate.


Lunar Eclipse

The Moon will be in the sign of Leo and the card selecte is the Death card this is ruled by Scorpio . This Lunar Eclipse should bring major life changing energy into your life. What do you need to let go of in order to transform your life? This is all about letting go if you are in a situation or relationship that has become stagnant you really have to consider letting go .

Leo rules the heart this is all about being happy and following your heart. If you have been indecisive about what itis you want or staying in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel alive then change is coming.

You really need to be honest about your deepest feelings , no more dragging your feet and staying somewhere that is not allowing you to develop as a person. You may also need to look at how you treat your body are you exercising enough and eating healthy .

This is a card of regeneration , rebirth and transformation. Dig deep Leos and be honest about your current path if you are truly unhappy then you have to surrender and allow the necessary changes to take place that will be for the better. I know you don’t like change but the Universe needs you to embrace it right now better things await you on the other side.



The card selected for Virgo is the World it is ruled by Saturn . It is a beautiful card that normally means an ending of some sort this will be something that has been in your life for a long time.

It can also be a journey that you started many years ago that has given you much happiness but now is a time to leave it behind and step on to a new path this can be connected to any aspect of your life. A job , love , friendships it is a sign of accomplishment , achievement and fulfillment. You would have great memories and experiences that you can treasure forever.

This Lunar Eclipse will bring you an opportunity to let go of a cycle of your life it is completed and you need to let go and move on and have the courage to try new things . Be confident knowing that you have accumulated knowledge , skills and experience that will help you on your new path. You may feel a bit nervous but you have the opportunity to start a whole new adventure or venture , the World is your oyster.





The card chosen for Libra is the Eight of Swords it is ruled by Jupiter and Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse could highlight your fears and worries it is important to understand that these are just your thoughts and most of them are based on the future and not what’s happening in your present. You could find yourself overthinking and suffering with chronic worry and anxiety. I want you to come out of your head and see that you are imprisoning yourself with your current mindset.

You cannot control the future you only have right now so take off your blindfold and start looking at new ways of detaching yourself from this negative pattern of thinking . It’s all about being present try some mediation or doing things that bring you pleasure. It’s all about becoming mindful of what your fears are you need to be courageous now and focus on the good things in your life.

Time to take back control of your mind if you have had some major struggles and challenges over the last few months it doesn’t mean they are going to continue, think positive thoughts and manifest great things into your life .



The card selected for Scorpio is the Two of Cups it is ruled by Venus and Cancer. OH la la Scorpio this Lunar Eclipse is al about forging deep bonds of love with others. It’s time to be honest about what you want from your relationships .

You are deeply passionate  , loyal , loving and intense and when you are in love you can become totally obsessed and infatuated, but you also need the same back from the person you have bonded with or the relationship can become toxic.

This Lunar Eclipse could highlight you relationships of all kinds don’t be afraid to detach from people that do not offer or mirror the love you give to them. If you are single then you could have the opportunity to meet someone that you connect with deeply you will have the chance to share mutual respect , values , and love . You will have the chance to be yourself a safe place to open your heart to give and receive love. This can also be a friendship or a member of the family offering you a safe haven and unconditional love.



The card selected for Sagittarius is the Six of Cups it is ruled by the Sun and Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse may highlight old childhood memories , nostalgia or bring back people from your past. The Moon is all about the past and so is the cards ruler Scorpio . You could find yourself writing or talking about your childhood or cherished memories that you hold dear in your heart.

It could enforce the need to bring to the surface deep buried emotions that can be shared then released . You may find that you need to support your friends or neighbours who have to go over past experiences to do with family or love . This is all about releasing stagnant energy in order to make room for new memories.

Your heart should be filled with love and you are able to offer others a piece of your love just by listening and offering guidance on an emotional level , you will have the ability to deal with intense and full on energy.


The card chosen for Capricorn is the Two of Pentacles it is ruled by Jupiter and Capricorn . If you have been struggling with practical matters such as finance, home life  health and duties and responsibilities this Lunar Eclipse will highlight where and how you can restore harmony and balance.

You may have to make some tough decisions and cut back financially in order to get things back in order please don’t feel guilty you can not take responsibility for everything and everyone.

Your happiness and peace of mind is so important right now don’t feel bad about doing what’s right for you , sometimes you have to be selfish about your own needs and now is one of them times.

This card is all about management and getting your affairs in order if you are giving too much time to one thing the rest of your life will be neglected . It’s time to let go of what keeps you from feeling grounded prioritise what is important , you are great at planning , setting budgets and delegating duties let others help this will free some time for you to follow your heart and do what makes you feel good .


The card selected is Judgment  it is ruled by Pluto . The Lunar Eclipse takes place in Aquarius and Judgment is a very important card this is connected to transformation , second chances and wake up calls. This is a very serious time for you guys you are being given the opportunity to start again . If you have faced struggles , challenges and major traumas you now have the chance to let all the hurt and pain come up to the surface and release you from the suffering.

This is a inner calling be truthful what is it you want from life , when you let go you have a clean slate to start all over again. Confront all your pain and release it you can rise from the rubble and rebuild your life in the way you want to .

You have full control of how you want to be and what path you want to take . If you have felt lost and disempowered now is the time to claim back your power and show the world just how strong and brave you are.

The Lunar Eclipse is asking you purge and cleanse so that you can heal once and for all , do not hang on to resentments and bitterness it will destroy your soul you have the gift of life embrace every breath and rebuild your life they way you want it.


The card selected for Pisces is the Three of Cups this is ruled by Venus and Cancer. The lunar Eclipse will bring you something to celebrate this is a time to  , dance , be happy , grateful and  merry  do the things that you love. You can be so selfless and always doing things for others now is a time to look deep within your unconscious and connect with your intuition and instincts celebrate your natural gifts and share them with the world.

Your higher self has messages for you so still your mind and listen to your inner voice this is a time to surround yourself with love and tap into your  inner happiness this will bring you so much joy and fill your heart with love. Surround yourself with people that you love your tribe is your vibe so detach from any psychic vampires you know the ones that drain your energy.

You may find that you are also sensitive to the energy of the collective and what is going on in the world it is important to detach from this and not take it on as your own energy or you could feel overwhelmed . Mediation or spending time alone to recharge will benefit you, and help you release any emotions that do not belong to you.





Card Images are from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck© Copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc

How Will The Lunar Eclipse Impact Individuals ?

We all have our own Natal Birth Charts so depending on what planets the Lunar Eclipses activates will determine the impact and issues we will have to face. If you have planets at near or at the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse which takes place at 11 degrees Leo and Aquarius, then the energy of that planet will come to life . So for instance If you have Venus near or at that degree then you could find issues around money , love or values being activated depending on what house and sign the Eclipse falls in.

Both the Sun and the Moon and are known as luminaires they light up personal issues connected to our heart , home , family , needs and wants. The Lunar Eclipse will allow you to detach from any emotional blockages that you have collected from the past , as it involves Aquarius you should be able to do this by cutting ties to stagnant energy , relationships , behaviours and attitudes be truthful and take responsibility for your current path.

Acceptance will help you wake up to your reality and give you the inner strength and power to make the necessary changes needed  . There is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and start a new cycle . It’s time to step into your personal power and follow your heart , if you can reject what holds you back and embrace what your left this will give you the courage to move forward with confidence.


Where Will The Lunar Eclipse Be Visible ?

There will be visibility of the Lunar Eclipse in various parts of the world at different times click here to see if it will be visible near you.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and it has given you some insight about this rare event I have tried to keep it simple and brief .  Please feel free to share my post  because sharing is caring.   May the Lunar Eclipse bring you blessings.


Love and Light xx






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