Libra Tarotscope September 2018

Libra Tarotscope September 2018 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you beautiful souls with health , money , communication, work and love…

Libra Sun and Libra Rising




What do you need to let go of this month ? Cream cakes and that big bag of doritos have you been overindulging ?  The summer of pleasure is now over and it’s time for you to take back control. 

This month would be a great time to set intentions for a healthy lifestyle and exercise programme even it means you have to drag your feet all the way to the gym screaming its so unfair.

You have the opportunity to transform your health this month . Surrender to what need to be done let go of the cake and swap it for a healthy snack. You will feel so much better when you start to see your body transform. 


You may have so many outgoings this month but also so many things you want to purchase and do. It can become a bit overwhelming as you are being unrealistic about what you can and can’t afford.  

You need to be honest with yourself and sit down and get serious about what is important and what is a luxury . Take your head out of the clouds and be realistic about your monthly budget.

You can’t have everything,  sorry to burst your bubble but get back on the ground and dig deep it’s all about sorting your finances out and setting priorities. 



You could find yourself speaking freely about the journey you have been over the past year or so . You are about to end one cycle in your life to make way for a new one .

You will feel like you have to step onto a new path and let go of past experiences. They may have given you wonderful happy memories that you can keep forever and there could of been  plenty of up’s and down’s , but you now understand you have reached a milestone.

You are now ready  to let go of one way of being to welcome in new energy. You will be full of excitement and want to share your good news with everybody that is willing to listen .

Work Life

This month you are being asked to put your head down and work hard there could be a new routine for your daily life and will involve lots of hard work . You are being asked to step up to the tasks you are set.

With patience and determination you could learn a lot this month at times it may get overwhelming and you may feel like you are missing out on fun but if you can stay focused you will be rewarded in the future .

Some of you may be given an a new job opportunity or you may find that you have to do a lot of physical work in order to gain recognition .  keep in mind the end results and the rewards that you will receive for all the effort you put in.



You could find some conflicts or challenges with your relationships so much so you may call on a third party intervene because you and your partner may struggle to listen to each other and see each others point of view.

You peacekeepers are not big on arguments and aggression so you will so your very best to resolve and heal any disputes. You may find that old wounds are opened up this can be a good thing helping you to heal them once and for all .

 Trust that everything happens for a reason and if you do find yourself getting overwhelmed with emotion look at ways you can ground your energy and remain in control . Or the simplest ripple could become a tsunami. 




Have an amazing month my beautiful ones may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.

Dates to put in your diary :

New Moon : 9/09/2018 ( Set intentions , wishes and monthly goals ) Great time to start new healthy lifestyle.

Full Moon : 25/09/2018A great day to let go of any emotional blockages

Saturn goes direct: Time to turn your plans into concrete results.

Sun enters Libra : 23/09/2018

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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