Libra Tarotscope January 2019

Libra Tarotscope January 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you beautiful ones, with health , money , communication work and love…..


The Four of Pentacles is a card connected to the physical body and often appears when we hang on to things  or  making to much focus on work related activities or financial gain.

Aries normally has amples of vitality and energy in order to deal with their busy schedule . However they can often to forget to eat or grab fast food rather than eating something healthy .

January will be a good month for your guys to detox not only your body but all parts of your life.  Let go of people or situations that cause  stress , resentment or worry.

Also keep an eye on your workload because it is a card connected to the physical work , because you guys can often become workaholics . You must find a balance of both work and pleasure give yourself time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The Page of Cups is the element of water and connected to intuition , instincts and emotions.

You may need to use your instincts when it comes to your money situation. If you feel something isn’t right then it probably won’t be. Investigate further to see if you can fix the problem.

This energy also brings new energy so maybe you have some very creative ideas to make money. Let your imagination run wild so you can really tap into the creativity.

Once you are confident about what you want to do then use the next month to plan and structure a way of making it a reality.


The King of Wands is all about being in control of your actions and understanding yours and other people’s motives.

You could find yourself inspiring others this month with your wisdom ad ideas your energy could be contagious and people are willing to learn from what you have to say.

You will know exactly how you want to communicate and the type of people you want to attract into your life. You will feel in control of conversations you get into and confident about giving your opinions .


The Six of Cups is ruled by Scorpio and will appear when you are reminiscing about the past.

Some of you may be dwelling on the past and thinking about returning to an old job or hooking up with ex work colleagues.

There could also be times when you are and your work colleagues discuss happy times in work.

For some of you there could be an opportunity to return back to work after a period of unemployment.

Whatever your situation it is important to remember that life is always in constant flow and everything changes so try not to remain in the past enjoy the memories then come back to the present moment and deal with what’s going on in the here and now.


The Chariot is ruled by Cancer and will often appear when you have reached a crossroads this can be all about making more commitment especially to do with the feelings and emotions.

You could’ve also reached a point in your relationship when you need to take it to the next level such as moving in together .

Some of you may be having issues with homelife and really need to be patient with current situations whilst you make important decisions to change circumstances.

If you are single you may have to choose between getting into a relationship or staying single. You may feel undecided so take your time and weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

You can’t have your cake and eat it , you might have to make some very important decisions that will impact you emotionally so trust your intuition and gut instincts and have the willpower to choose what feels right.

Have an amazing month my beautiful ones may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.
Dates to put in your diary :
Mars enters Aries : 01/01/2019
Mercury enters Capricorn  : 05/01/2019
New Moon at 15 Capricorn : 06/01/2019
Venus enters Sagittarius : 07/01/2019
Sun enters Aquarius: 20/01/2019
Mercury enters Aquarius: 24/01/2019
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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art
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