Leo Tarotscope March 2019

Leo Tarotscope March 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you brave hearts, with health,money, communication work and love…..


The Judgement card is ruled by the planet Pluto which is related to toxins, purging cleansing and healing. This month it would be good for you guys to look at ways to cleanse your body. Maybe think about juicing or bathing in Epsom salts to release any toxins that need to leave the body. This will make you feel renewed and give you a new lease of life.

You can also look at what you need to let go of in your life what are hanging on to that is affecting your emotional health  . You may find that letting go of things that make you feel resentful or angry will have a beneficial impact on your overall health.

If you have been ill you could now be in a period of recovery so be kind to yourself and relax whilst you heal . I know how much you love to busy and on the go but you really need to replenish and rebuild your strength.


The Seven of Wands is ruled by Mars and Leo and will appear when you are being asked to deal with several issues at once.

It may feel like everything is coming at you this can be connected to bills or outstanding debts and you need to deal with all of it .

Know that you have the strength to deal with whatever comes your way and you can put everything in order you are the leaders of the zodiac so take charge and sort it all out one step at a time.

Mercury the planet of finance the ruler of your money house in Astrology will go retrograde . You may find that people that owe you money now comes back .


The Queen of Swords is ruled by Virgo and Libra and it will normally represnt a woman or energy that is detached, aloof and controlling.

You could be cold and calculating with your words this month you are not up for any bs. You want to hear the truth , facts and logistics no dramas or lies you just haven’t got the patience.

The Queen of Swords is ruled by both Virgo and Libra and reflects a logical , independent and factual type of energy . You should find it easy  to  take in lots of information then dissect it into smaller chunks so that you can offer your thoughts and ideas.

You may find people seek you out particularly if they want advice to solve problems and situations that need an object opinion. You will be able to give them an honest point of view that will help change their perceptions and help them  find clarity .


The Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius and Mercury and is a card of balance, hope and faith.

If work has been a bit disruptive this had to happen in order for change to take place you must trust that things happen  for a reason and peace will be restored.

Some of you may feel like quitting your current job in order to search for a more meaningful role one that fits with your life purpose this is great to consider and if you want to go for it set intentions on the 6th of March when there is a New moon.


The Magician is ruled by Mercury and is a card that reflects confidence, creativity and the power to manifest whatever you desire.

If you are single a great month to get yourself out there you will have the chance to meet someone new . You will feel confident and able to take control of your love life.

As Mercury, the planet of communication is retrograde you may have to be prepared for some disruptions, arguments and disagreements with your loved one. You may find yourself going over old issues this is god as you can gain closure once and for all.

Some of you may need to be cautious of any new people that entering life. The Magician is often associated with Tricksters so take those rose tinted glasses off and see people for who they really are.

Have an amazing month my Strong ones may it be filled with love, laughter good health and wealth

Dates to put in your diary :

Venus enters Aquarius : 01/03/2019

Mercury goes retrograde at 29 Pisces: 05/03/2019 until the 28th March 2019

New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces  : 06/03/2019

Uranus enters Taurus : 06/03/2019

Sun enters Aries and Spring Equinox : 20/03/2019

Full Moon at zero degrees in Libra: 21/03/2019

Mars enters Gemini: 26/03/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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