Gemini Tarotscope March 2019

Gemini Tarotscope March 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you brave hearts, with health,money, communication work and love…..


The Ten of Swords is ruled by Gemini and connected to communication and the mind. Gemini also rules the Nervous system, lungs and Hands.

If you some of you have been feeling a bit low the last month or so and suffering with anxiety and depression you could find that this will stop as you start to work on your mindset.

I would highly recommend mediation and practicing mindfulness especially if you feel stuck or trapped by your thoughts.

Sometimes when you feel like a victim it is hard to change certain aspects of your life and you tend to get stuck in a rut. As Mercury, your ruling planet is going retrograde you can use this month to go over the past and see how you can let go of pessimistic thoughts.

Focus on your mental health and ways to think and be positive . Small steps will help you do this rather than trying to set yourself massive goals. Changing daily habits will help you a lot.


The Four of Pentacles is ruled by Capricorn and the Sun and is associated with accumulating wealth .

You may find that you need to spend money on your home or there could be some unexpected DIY jobs that need doing that could cost you more than you have budgeted for.

It could be that you are required to help your family members or people around you try to be to mean you know Geminis you can be shrewd when it comes to money.

Money is all about flow the more you let it come and ago the more it will come your way. However if you hang onto it you are telling the Universe that you have enough.

Trust if you share your good fortune it will always return to you tenfold. So if someone needs your help be kind and help out.


The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by Jupiter and is a card of cycles and fate. It often brings endings and new beginnings.

You could find that you have to let go of some friends or the expectations you have of them. Or you could end up extremely disappointed.

If you get the opportunity to get out and about and meet new people this could bring you some fated meetings and conversations that lead you to new places.

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde so you may also find that old friends, ex lovers and past situations come up for you this could bring closure that you need.


The Three of Swords is ruled by Libra and Saturn and often brings heartbreak, arguments and disagreements.

Some of you may find that you have disputes or some kind of disagreements with work colleagues. It is important to talk things through go over what has happened in order to restore peace.

There could also be some gossip or betrayal involved and you this could leave you feeling sad but again you need to talk things through as you are working together so it can not be left.


The King of Swords is ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius and will normally represent a guy who can be aloof or come across as detached.

This guy can bring issues and challenges with control and detachment. He is not interested in dramas just logic and facts.

If you are single you could find that you come across someone like this. They may stimulate you mentally but lack emotions. You guys love mental stimulation so will adapt.

If you are already in a relationship you may find that things have become a bit distance or there have been some arguments or disagreements . This month you can go over any problems and talk things through this will transform your relationships.

Have an amazing month my curious ones may it be filled with love, laughter good health and wealth

Dates to put in your diary :

Venus enters Aquarius : 01/03/2019

Mercury goes retrograde at 29 Pisces: 05/03/2019 until the 28th March 2019

New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces  : 06/03/2019

Uranus enters Taurus : 06/03/2019

Sun enters Aries and Spring Equinox : 20/03/2019

Full Moon at zero degrees in Libra: 21/03/2019

Mars enters Gemini: 26/03/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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