Gemini Tarotscope February 2019

Gemini Tarotscope February 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you Curious ones, with health , money , communication work and love…..


The Nine of Wands is ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius . It will often appear when you are feeling tired or your energy levels are a bit low.

You guys are normally always on the go , lots of restless energy . If you have burning the candles at both ends then you need to pause and find a way to change some habits. Look at introducing exercise or healthy eating.

Try not to over exert yourself this month make time to rest up . This may include isolating yourself from others whilst you recoup.

I know how much you guys love to be out and about meeting new people and networking , but you need to boost your vitality in order to do this.


The Knight of Wands is one of the best cards for business and finance. It is all about adventure and movement and can be associated with entrepreneurial energy . Some of you could be looking a new ways to earn money or starting a new money venture.

Perhaps you are considering traveling or booking up a holiday for the future this could be business or pleasure . Whatever you spend your money or however you are accumulating your money it is a great time to consider new ways of doing it.

Think outside of the box and write down any ideas that may come into your head this month . There could be many so even if you don’t get to start them you will have your ideas out there and be able to look at what is feasible and what is fantasy.


The Four Pentacles is ruled by the Sun and Capricorn and is related to property , practical matters and finance.

You may find that many of your conversations are focused around money or practical matters . You may be approached by others for advice on these matters.

You may find that you are not as chatty and you hold back a bit this month . This could be simply because you are busy with your work and home life.


The Emperor is ruled by Aries and is a card of power, control and Authority it is also associated with the Father or Boss .

The Emperor normally reflects a dominant male figure in our lives as we pulled this for work , this could represent your Boss .

If you have your own Business you could have to inspire and motivate those that work for you or your clients in some way.

If you are employed some of you could find that you may have some issues or challenges with Management .

I know you Gem’s are free thinkers so being told what to do and following instructions can be hard , as you like to think outside the box and have the freedom to do things your own way. But sometimes you have to zip it and listen.


The Death card is ruled by Scorpio and is associated with regeneration , rebirth and letting go people or situations that no longer work.

If you are already in  relationship you could find that certain habits or behaviours need to change . It is important that you both talk about your deepest emotions and what changes are needed .

Some of you may be in toxic relationships and awaken to the fact that you need to let go and walk away.

If you are single you could meet someone who is deep , mysterious and intriguing and you just can’t help but be magnetically attracted whether they are good or bad for you  there could be some kind of obsession.

Have an amazing month my Bulls may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.

Dates to put in your diary :

Venus enters Capricorn : 03/02/2019

New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius : 04/02/2019

Sun enters Pisces : 18/02/2019

Mars enters Taurus : 14/02/2019

Full Moon 0 degrees Virgo : 19/02/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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