full moon in virgo tarot reading

Full Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading


Full Moon In Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo will be on the 2nd of March 2018  at 11 degrees Virgo. I have done a three card tarot reading to see how we as a collective can benefit from the energy of this beautiful Full Moon.

The Alchemist

Full Moon in VirgoQuestion 1: What Can you no longer Hide?

The card chosen was The Alchemist which is also known as The Magician. It is number one of the Major Arcana and ruled by the planet Mercury. The Magician is all about understanding just how incredibly magical you are and that you have all the tools, knowledge, skills and wisdom to create anything you put your mind to. You have an infinite access to universal energy at your disposal needed to manifest your dreams and visions.

You are your very own Alchemist and born with everything you will ever need to be successful in implementing your life’s mission and souls purpose. The Alchemist comes to remind you of your natural talents, bravery, worth and self-confidence.

Sometimes daily life can take over or you can lose your magic due to others comments or past failures. This can make you doubt your natural abilities and talents, so you lock them away and hide what you are really capable of.

This Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury The Alchemists ruler and sits at 11 degrees the number of Mastery. You are being asked to shine a light on what you are good at, bring forth your natural talents do not hide the very being of who you are away from the world. Please leave behind the need to perfect at something, practising something over and over will help you to master whatever it is you are good at.

You can no longer hide your true authentic self, be brave and confident and step forward into the light.

The Ten Of Swords

Full Moon In Virgo

Question 2: What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

The care selected was the Ten of Swords this belongs to the suit of air and is ruled by the Sun and Gemini. It is associated with endings, death, darkness, depression, anxiety, betrayal, victim mentality.

The Ten of Swords will normally appear when someone has hit rock bottom they feel completely floored and just don’t have the energy to stand up and fight anymore. You may feel like a victim and can no longer take responsibility for how you think and feel.

Gemini the cards ruler is Mercury so again there is a connection to the mind and how you think about yourself. There is a need to let go of a negative mindset if you are forever thinking that everything will go wrong for you,  being self-critical or you don’t deserve something then this has to stop.

You have reached a point where you have to make a conscious decision to stop beating yourself up. In the imagery you will see that the guy lays on the floor you cant physically fit any more knives in. Enough is enough you have the opportunity to your life around, you deserve the very best of what life can offer you.

It’s time to start pulling them knives out, wipe yourself down and stand up. You have the power and inner strength to change your thoughts from negative to positive. No one else can get inside your head only you can control what thought’s you allow to manifest.

There is so much help out there and methods such as meditation, therapy, spiritual healing and mindfulness training. It’s time to step out of the darkness and let the Sun shine through. You are stronger than you think.  Ground yourself with this Virgo earth energy and start to see yourself as a seed, one  that can be nourished with love and have the opportunity to fully blossom.

The Hanged Man

Question 3: What Positive Energy Will Emerge?

The card that appeared was the Hanged Man number 12 of the Major Arcana and ruled by Neptune. The Hanged Man also correspondences to number 3 which links it to the Empress.

The Hanged Man will normally appear when we need to let go of something or make a sacrifice. He will often appear when you feel confused,  things appear out of your control, you have brain fog, feel disillusioned or you need to look at things with different perspective.

Interestingly, Neptune, The Hanged Mans ruler will be in Pisces conjunct the Sun opposing the Full Moon In Virgo. The Sun and Moon have come together to shine a light on any victim mentality and disillusion that you have been experiencing.

There is room for both spiritual, mental and creative growth. Positive energy will have the opportunity to emerge if you can let go of any self-criticism, the need for perfection and to control every little thing.

Let go and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this part of your life journey.  Allow yourself to be filled with hope and have faith that you can create any dreams or visions that have only ever been an idea or hidden away deep in your soul.

Dare to dream big and take small steps every day towards achieving your long-term goals, break them down to bite size targets this will prevent any overwhelm and disillusion further down the line.


Happy Full Moon you beautiful people may it bring you everything you desire and thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog post, I hope you have enjoyed it. For daily Tarot, Astrology and Inspirational quotes please feel free to can connect with me on Instagram by clicking on the link below. Or if you would like a Tarot Reading click here  If you have any questions regarding the reading please feel free to leave a comment below.



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Card Images are from The Illuminati Tarot Deck © Copyright Lo Scarabeo Kim Huggers and Erik C Dunne

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