Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces 16th September 2016

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

full moon lunar eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading……

Full Moon lunar Eclipse occurred today at 24 degrees Pisces opposing the Sun at 24 degrees Virgo. This is the axis of dance, music, art,  food disorders, addictions, victim/ Martyr , party/clean up , Bigger picture/ smaller picture, self / others , virgin/prostitute,  physical health/ spiritual health , earth / water , grounded/away with the fairies , order / disorder . The full moon may shine a light on some of these aspects of your life.  The Moon is all about our needs, habits, home life, mothers, safety, how we protect ourselves, our initial response,  the way we nurture ourselves, comfort zone, how we show affection to others.

I have chosen to do a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread to see firstly what energies we need to release.  Secondly identify what positive energies will emerge from the lunar eclipse. Thirdly what action you need to take to maximise the full benefits of the Lunar eclipse.


Question One : What energies do we need to release during this Lunar Eclipse ?

Card 1 : The Star Card number 17 of the Major arcana ruled by the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Full moon lunar eclipse


The Star card is asking you look at what needs healing within.  There could be a need for balance it is a good time to release and negative emotions that have laid deep inside. Clearing any blocked energy will restore balance back into your life.  There is a need to nourish your soul right now and you can only do this if you are willing to cut away any unnecessary feelings of hopelessness, anxiety ,negativity.  The time has come to reject whatever prevents you from living a balanced lifestyle. You can do this by using a form of mediation or consider therapy, spiritual practices or healing sessions.

By using the above methods you may experience serenity this will allow you to heal from any of life’s previous challenges  and connect with yourself on a deeper level. You are being asked to have faith and trust that everything will be ok. This is also the card for personal transformation the desire to change and become your true self may be very strong, the time has come to find your true purpose in life trust your gut instincts.




Question 2: What positive energies will emerge from this lunar eclipse ?

Card 2: The Chariot number 7 of the major arcana and ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer

Full moon lunar eclipse


The Chariot is a card of movement so by releasing any negative energy you will then be able to take action. If you have been stuck at crossroads you will now have the confidence to make the right choices . If you have felt yourself being pulled in two different directions you will now have the willpower to stay focused . Take control of the reigns, you will understand that you are the driver of your own destiny .

Whatever goals, visions or dreams you have previously set can be  now achieved through sheer determination. You are confident and know what direction you need to take in order to be victorious in reaching your destination. You will have the ability  not be swayed by other people and outside influences.  It is important that you have faith in what you are trying to achieve, success is not far away remain in charge full speed ahead. A boost to your self esteem, self confidence and self belief are all positive energies that you can take away from this lunar eclipse.




Question 3 : What action do we need to take to enjoy the full benefits of this  lunar eclipse  ?

Card 3: The Moon number 13 of the major arcana and ruled by the zodiac sign Pisces

full moon lunar eclipse


You need to trust your intuition and shine a light on any indiscretions , hidden truths , anxiety,confusion, fears, illusions that lie beneath the surface. You have the ability to take action and cut away what no longer serves you. Pay attention to your hunches and dreams,  you could find the knowledge and information you need in order for your  mind, body and spirit to be at one. Tap into your creative energy and let your hidden talents emerge this will bring you emotional satisfaction.








All three cards are from the major arcana so this lunar eclipse is a very important time that can bring major shifts in your life. All three cards have water and earth if you mix them together they create fertilizer a substance you can use to grow your seeds. All three cards are also calling for a the need of balance whether that be practical, spiritual , emotional or within your relationships.  If you have been focusing on one part of your life now is the time to restore equal balance and start living a healthy lifestyle this will bring about the positive changes needed in your life.

full moon luna eclipse
 full moon lunar eclipsefull moon lunar eclipse









I hope you enjoyed this post about if you would like an email Tarot reading to see how the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse has an impact on you personally please click on the link below.

The Tarot cards used in this post are called Radiant Rider Waite © Copyright U.S. Games Systems Inc 

Full Moon Tarot reading


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