Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio


Full Moon In Scorpio


When There Is A Full Moon In Scorpio Things Can Get Intense….

There will be a full moon in Scorpio tonight so we can expect some intense situations to arise.

The moon starts off as a new moon which we can barely see in the skies and after 27 1/2 days the moon will progress through the various zodiac signs and lunar phases. The final lunar phase is called the full moon, this occurs when the sun rays light up the whole of the moon.

The Lunar Phases

Full moon In Scorpio

The moon phases can influence us in our daily lives. Learning all about the lunar phases and what zodiac sign they are in, can help you decide when to launch a new project, open a new business, plant seeds, plan a party the list is endless.

The moon is associated with our mothers, how we nurture ourselves, food, emotions, the past, our home, habits, security, how we protect ourselves, our needs, females, intuition, moods, emotions, feelings, the breasts, stomach, fluids and water.

On average the moon moves at one degree every two hours through the zodiac signs. It takes the moon 27 1/2 days to travel through all of the twelve zodiac signs. The moon will have a variable impact on our daily lives because each zodiac sign and moon phase has a different meaning.


Scorpio is the element of water, not flowing water more like an iceberg only a small proportion is visible but you know that something much bigger and deeper lurks beneath the surface. People with strong Scorpio in their charts can have some of the following traits  mysterious, intense, dominating, sex addicts,  extremists, secretive, passionate, unforgiving, loyal.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, Here are a few keywords associated with the planets:

Pluto Keywords: possessiveness, obsession, regeneration, death, transformation, fear, war, aggression, sexual taboos, the bowels, intensity, control, survival, endurance, persistence, domination, underground, occult, wipeout, compulsion, repulsion, empowerment, power, buried and rage.

Mars Keywords: passion, fighting, anger, muscles, blood, heat, conquest, action, speed, surgery, cutting, sex, sex organs, desires, competition, sports, criminals, courage, bravery, male, combat, conflict, arguments, gunfire and action

Full Moon In Scorpio What To Expect…

When there is a full moon in Scorpio we can expect intense situations to arise, there may be revelations around  food, drug, or alcohol addictions, intimacy, sexual taboos or we may feel the need to talk about our deepest fears. It’s a great time to let go of situations, feelings that no longer serve you.

The full moon tends to shine a light on things we hide from the outside world, via our emotions or situations that we do not want to deal with. Scorpio is fixed energy so it may be a difficult time to change or deal with any buried feelings that surface at this time.

Tonight’s full moon is directly opposite the sun in Taurus so we may experience issues around security, money, food , secrets,  sex , loyalties,  relationships and intimacy. This may come from someone else questioning us about our deepest feelings or fears.

When you’re checking the newspapers tomorrow or reading others blogs, social media status keep a look out for keywords and phrases that you can associate with the moon in Scorpio.

Love light & Peace

Full Moon In Scorpio



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