Free Natal Chart

Natal Chart

From the moment you take your first breath you own a unique life map this is called a Natal Chart. It captures the planets exact positions and aspects to each other in the skies up above.

The chart is a wheel separated into 12 houses that represent the different parts of your life i.e. The first house represents your personality and body.  The second house shows how you deal with money. The third house shows how you communicate , early schooling, siblings. The fourth house is connected to your family and home life. The fifth house shows how you like to have fun, lovers, creativity and children. The sixth house is about your daily life, health, pets, and work. The seventh house is all about relationships, marriage and business partnerships. The eighth house is all about intimacy, sex, inheritance,the occult, taxes and other people’s money. The ninth house shows your interests in spirituality, religion, higher education and beliefs. The tenth house is all about your career, status and reputation.  The eleventh house shows what sort of communities, groups and friends you like to get involved with. The twelfth house is often referred to the hidden house and is connected to confinement, karma, self undoing and seclusion.

As well as the houses the chart also has four angles the ascendant is how we look and go out into the world, the descendant is the sort of people we attract into our lives , the IC is out roots where we come from and the MC is where we are heading this axis is also known as the parental axis and can explain a lot about the influence that parents may have in your life.

The chart also displays symbols of the planets used in astrology:

Sun our ego,

Moon are needs,

Mercury for communication and siblings,

Venus for love and money,

Mars for sex and ambition,

Jupiter for good luck and optimism

Saturn for restrictions and old age

Uranus for unexpected events

Neptune for what we long for

Pluto for control and transformation

This is just a small sample of what the planets represent so you get an idea of the different parts they play.


You can see an example of the chart you will receive directly to your email above all you need to do is click on the image or here to get your free chart 

Purchase Your Natal Report Here!!

Unless you have an understanding of Astrology it would be difficult to decipher what the symbols and lines all mean. So if you enjoy looking at your Chart and you would like a report I can offer you a Natal Report for £9.99 .

What is a Natal Report ?
Luckily we now have software that can interpret the chart into a readable report and this is called the Natal report.

How Will It Benefit Me ?
The Natal Report will give you insight into your true potential, it will highlight your personality traits , Strengths, weaknesses, life patterns it reveals your psychological make up,your turn on’s and turn off’s. You may discover some hidden talents that you have long forgotten about.
It will also reveal how you relate to others your attitude towards love and money.

How Do I Buy My Natal Report ?
You can you purchase your Natal report by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
You will have to supply your Date of birth / Place of Birth / Time of Birth
If you do not have the time of birth I can still do you a Natal Report but it will not be as insightful . Time of birth is very important because certain elements of the chart move fast so your rising sign and Moon sign will not be accurate. You can still get a chart without a time but it will not be as informative.
Once you have paid and I have received the information I need, I will send your Natal Report and to the email address you provided. The report will be a PDF format.

How Long Will It Take ?
Once you have paid and I have received the information I need, I will send your Natal Report and to the email address you provided within 24 hours. The report will be a PDF format.

What If I Have A Problem Receiving My Report ?

Please feel free to contact me


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Tarot & Astrology readings are given for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee is given to the accuracy of the reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other kind of advice. Advice should be sought from a suitable professional.
By using this service you are confirming that you are over 18 years old and that you agree and understand the terms of use.

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