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Chakra Crystals

Is Your Heart Chakra Closed?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. there are seven major chakras in our physical body. Each chakra is responsible for various functions both physical and emotional. they each have a colour and belong to an element. Please check out the diagram below and a few keywords explaining what each chakra represents.

The first chakra is red and is at the base of the spine this is called the root chakra. The root chakra opens downwards and connects us to the earth. the root chakra helps us to stay grounded by receiving energy through the soles of our feet. If you are not feeling grounded it is important to kick off your shoes and get in touch with mother nature walk on the grass or sand this will help to re – balance your root chakra.

The second chakra is between the hip bones this called the sacral chakra. Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra and the key element is water . One of the main functions of the sacral chakra is to assist us in forming healthy sexual and emotional relationships with others. The sacral chakra can also inspire our creativity. When our sacral chakra is fully open we can experience real joy of life. A great way of awaking your sacral chakra is to dance around.

The third chakra is above the naval and is called the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is yellow and is associated with the sun it’s key element is fire. This is where we feel that butterfly sensation that is your solar plexus in action. this is the chakra that enables to feel power but it is also where we feel fear and anxiety . A great way to keep your solar plexus in balance is to practice yoga or have reiki treatments.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra this is based in the centre of the chest. The heart chakra is green and is connected to the air element. This is where we feel passion and devotion. The heart chakra is the gateway between the lower chakras which are associated with the physical body. The chakra’s above the heart are connected to our higher self. The heart chakra allows us to give and receive love it is important to keep it in balance. Keep stress to a minimum and try and find ways to realise your anger.

The fifth chakra is located where your vocal chords are. It’s colour is blue and is associated with the element ether. The throat chakra helps us to express ourselves and is the way we communicate with others and how we express our inner self. We use our voice to express love and anger. If your throat chakra is not in balance it is easy to spot by someones tone of voice. When your throat chakra is not in balance it may lead to a person closing down and unable to communicate with others. A great way to re-balance the throat chakra would be to have sessions with a counsellor .

The sixth chakra is the brow chakra or sometimes know as the third eye and  is above the eyes in the middle of the forehead. The brow chakra is also associated with the element ether. The brow chakra is where we tune into our intuition and psychic ability’s. The brow chakra is indigo. The brow chakra enables us to tap into our subconscious and find knowledge and wisdom that our trail of daily thoughts may prevent. you can keep your brow chakra in balance by using a form of meditation.

Last but not least is the seventh chakra the crown chakra. Which is located on the crown of the head. The crown chakra is associated with the colour violet. The crown chakra keeps us connected to universal energy. Through the crown chakra we can experience spiritual energy. It is extremely important to keep your crown chakra balanced.

A Meditation video to help you balance your chakras

I often use crystals that are associated with the chakras to keep them in balance. Simply lay in a comfortable space on your back and place the crystals on the chakra positions I have already mentioned then totally relax and imagine all your chakras opening up like lotus flowers blossoming. Each chakra radiating the colour that it is associated with. It is a beautiful experience and you can feel you mind body and soul merge into one.

If you would like to work with crystals to balance your chakras. I recommend using a starter kit please click on the link below. I hope this post has been helpful and I wish you great success.



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