Capricorn Tarotscope March 2019

Capricorn Tarotscope March 2019 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you sensitive souls, health, communication, money, work and love…


The Fool is ruled by Uranus and will always appear when something new is about to happen. It is pure energy and I always tell people to expect the unexpected.

So this month anything is possible its number zero so think of it as a seed. It is pure energy and you feel full of excitement.

This is fresh energy so after a few weeks of maybe not feeling yourself or undergoing some confusion or chaos. On the 6th of March, there will be a New Moon a great day to set intentions, wishes and goals for the month ahead.

This could include a healthier lifestyle including food and exercise and not over working so much.


Perspective is ruled by Neptune and is all about reflecton , thinking outside the box and going with the flow. Some things may feel out of your control but you need to go with it rather than try to control it.

The ruler of your Money house will be enetering Taurus so there could be some unexpted windfalls or pay outs .

When it comes to money youmay come up with some new exciting ideas of how to earn an extra few pounds.

There could even be ideas about setting up a new online business based around your passion. Don’t limit yourslef let things flow and see whre you end up.


The Two of Pentacles is ruled by Jupiter and Capricorn and will appear when you are struggling to keep a balance.

At the beginning of the month you could find yourself having disagreements or misunderstandings with others . This could be connected to money or practical situations.

Things may feel out of balance or unfair and you guys are big fans of fairness so you will try your hardest to restore peace whether it’s between you and someone else or you could find yourself playing referee.

If you find conversations and communicating difficult this month, and things get blown up out of all proportion, you will have the power to sort things out and go over any disagreements and challenges from the past that stop you from experiencing innner peace.


The Two of Swords is ruled by the Moon and Libra and will appear when you are at a crossroads.

In work you may have some decisions to make , you may have been putting them of but now you must take off the blindfold and face the facts. It could be that someone gets upset about the choices you make , but you need to do this.

You could also find that you are having some kind of disagreements with work colleagues. You may have keep quiet to avoid conflict but now it has reached the point where you have to take action .

If you are looking for employment you may have to make a choice between two jobs . It is important that you are realistic about the skills and knowledge you bring to each job offer be honest with yourself .


The Two of Wands is ruled by Mars and Aries and will appear when you need to make a choice.

If you are single you have met someone new now you have to decide whether you see them again or you forget about them. In some cases there maybe two lovers to choose form.

If you are already in a relationship you may have some things to work through and some tough decisions to make .

There is a positive vibe to this energy so be optimistic about what lays ahead and make sure you choose what makes you feel happy and alive.

Have an amazing month my hard working ones may it be filled with love, laughter good health and wealth

Dates to put in your diary :

Venus enters Aquarius : 01/03/2019

Mercury goes retrograde at 29 Pisces: 05/03/2019 until the 28th March 2019

New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces  : 06/03/2019

Uranus enters Taurus : 06/03/2019

Sun enters Aries and Spring Equinox : 20/03/2019

Full Moon at zero degrees in Libra: 21/03/2019

Mars enters Gemini: 26/03/2019

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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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