Aries Tarotscope December 2018

Aries Tarotscope December 2018 will reveal what the month ahead has in store for you brave hearts, with health , money , communication work and love…..


Aries Sun & Aries Rising



The Eight of Cups is ruled by Saturn and Pisces is you have been suffering with any ill health that has restricted or put limitations on you then you will find they are now lifted and you will start to heal.

If you have been struggling emotionally and not feeling your happy cheery self then you will now be willing to do something about it. You will find yourself walking away from things that are not emotionally satisfying.

All in all you should find that by taking control of your emotional state things will start to improve immediately as you walk away from any dramas  , situations or people that disrupt your well being.



You could find that you are willing to help others financially this month especially the women in your life if they are struggling. This could be friends or family and you are prepared to loan or give money for those in need.

You could also find that new projects or investments with money are delayed you may need to go over some minor details to make sure everything is how it should be before your proceed.

Also when it comes to money it could be a bit up and down for some of you so use your intuition and know when to spend and when to hold back.  If friends owe you money you could find that they return it at the end of the month.



Communication could be transforming this month for you and others . If you have been feeling trapped you may now find the strength to speak up and break free from anything that suppresses you.

This can be a time to break free from from people that try to control or manipulate you in someway . You must not keep toxic people or situations in your life make a conscious decision to cut ties.

You could also help others make important decisions that will prevent them from feeling imprisoned or stuck. You could inspire them to liberate themselves and motivate them to move on.



The Emperor is ruled by Aries and represents the Boss , Authority figure you could find that you have run in’ s with your Manager . There could be some kind of misunderstandings .

Some of you may be given the opportunity to manage or lead other work colleagues . You guys are natural leaders so you will thoroughly enjoy any role that allows you to boss others around.

If you have your own business you could find yourself coming up with some new ideas that should help push your business forward. You love being in control so you will ensure everything is done properly.




The Nine of Pentacles is all about being comfortable in your own skin and being independent and enjoying time alone. if you are single you will be happy that way this month.

If you are in a relationship you may find that you need your own space and you find ways to get some much needed alone time. To appreciate just being you rather than having to please others.

You could also find that you spend money on yourself or loved ones maybe a bit of christmas shopping and why not you work so hard always busy so you should enjoy the fruits of your labour.




Have an amazing month my Rams may it be filled with love , laughter good health and wealth.

Dates to put in your diary :

Mercury enters Scorpio : 1/12/2018

Mercury goes direct in Scorpio  : 6/12/2018

New Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius : 07/12/2018 

Mercury enters Sagittarius : 12 /12 /2018

Sun enters Capricorn and winter solstice : 21 / 12 / 2018

Full Moon 0 degrees Cancer : 22/12/2018



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Card Images are from The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck © Copyright Yasmeen Westwood Art

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