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Welcome to Psychic Passage . My name is Kim and I am  the Founder of Psychic Passage.  I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader with many years of experience, and I combine my Intuition,  Astrology and Tarot to offer  insightful readings with the intention of empowering you to make the best life choices I have a never ending source of empathy, endurance, understanding and the knowledge of how to empower myself and others no matter how bad things get. It is my mission to help you feel empowered and walk away with a sense of confidence and clarity.

When I read with you , my intentions are to make you feel in control of your life and restore confidence, high self esteem and happiness.  I will always encourage you to look at any challenges or blockages that prevent you from feeling at peace and thinking positive thoughts. Change starts with you so if you take full responsibility for your situation then you have the power to turn your life around,  no matter what your external circumstances are. You deserve to lead a happy fulfilled life.

 Brief Background

My relationship with the occult started around the age of seven I was frequently at my Auntie Jean’s house where my teenage cousin Denise and her friends used to hang out in the back room and play with their homemade ouija board. I was absolutely petrified, but totally fascinated at the same time. I loved my big cousin she always looked out for me so the trust far outweighed the fear.

I think this set off an unconscious obsession with the passage between life and death, hence the name of my business Psychic Passage. I think the majority of people are curious or have beliefs that there is some sort of passage between life and death, even if they don’t admit it.  I also believe that some people are more aware of energy than others and have the ability to tune in and feel , hear and see things that are not of this world.

As I got older I dibbled and dabbled in various spiritual stuff like Palmistry , Tarot , visiting Mediums but it wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to take things seriously, when I enrolled on a Tarot Course  and begun to learn the cards one by one and just how powerful they are and what a positive impact they can have.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it was during this time I started to question so many things about life . Being a complete control freak having Cancer filled me with  fear , I felt like I had no control over my own mortality . That’s when my curiosity for Astrology began . Astrology helped me so much at that particular time in my life , I started to understand about life cycles and lessons and how I was responsible for my behaviour , attitude , happiness and repetitive patterns that kept occurring in my life.

Throughout this journey I always had one person spurring me on and that was my best friend and soulmate Lisa . We met when we were ten and just clicked instantly and became inseparable. melizLisa was my rock ,  she motivated, inspired and loved me no matter what, she taught me that it was ok to be me warts an all. Whilst everyone discouraged me ,  she would always tell me to go for it . Heartbreakingly  she passed away in 2017 which has left a deep wound in my heart . This has been a very painful time not having her around physically  , although thankfully  I feel her around me and I know that if I ever need her she is right by my side , encouraging me to never give up and this is why I carry on determined to help as many people as I can.

Tarot & Astrology Experience

I studied two Tarot courses several years ago with the wonderful Sue Merlyn Farebrother who teaches at both  Treadwells and the LSA check them out if you are interested in learning Tarot. Sue has over 30 years of Tarot knowledge and lectures all over the country.  I will always be grateful to Sue for introducing and teaching me all about Tarot.

I then went on to study Astrology at the London School of Astrology with the fabulous Frank C Clifford aka Mumma Frank . I have never come across such a caring , dedicated and supportive Mentor in my life. With the help of Frank and the other Tutors at LSA ( and of course my partner in crime Steff ) I somehow managed to pass the Foundation course. This felt like such a big achievement as I was receiving treatment for my Cancer at the same time.   I am yet to tackle the diploma, but I am determined to go back and at least give it a go. Frank and Sue have been great mentors, they have inspired and motivated me to set up my own online business a place where I can help others from all around the World.

bidcertI have recently completed the TF2 course with Tarot Foundations run by Biddy from Biddy Tarot,  this has enhanced my intuition skills and  was able to get a different perspective of the cards and their meanings. Further to completing TF2 I applied to be a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader , I passed the required tests needed in order to become a Biddy Tarot Reader.

I also write for Infinity Astrological Magazine (IAM) I have my own  Tarot column.  It is a wonderful Online Astrology /Tarot Magazine where you can find articles from Astrologers and Tarot Readers from all around the world. Check it out https://infinityastrologicalmagazine.com/

What You Can Expect From Me as a Reader

If you have an email reading I will request information prior to the reading . You will receive your reading in a PDF document which will include photos of the Tarot Spread and cards selected,  as well a written Tarot reading explaining what the cards reveal. You will normally receive your reading with 24 hours ( unless stated otherwise ).

If you have a Skype reading I will send you a link so that you can book a suitable time and date once I have received your payment in full.  A Skype reading lasts for 40 minutes I offer an Astrological spread with 24 cards that cover all aspects of your life from love , home life , work and friendships . I will look at the challenges and benefits you will be faced with over the next 6 months. I will read for 30 minutes and really appreciate dialogue I want you to be involved in the reading as much as possible this is your life and I love to work together rather than me telling you what you need to do .

I am not into predicting the future but I am happy to discuss what the likely outcome could be if you continued on your current path , and together we can look at ways that you can change your circumstances and smash through any obstacles that stand in your way.

I am not a Medium so I will ask questions about your circumstances this will ensure an accurate reading. It is my intention that the reading will allow you to walk away feeling positive and full of hope for the future.

Sometimes in life external circumstances can leave you feeling vulnerable out of control and at a Crossroads unable to make important decisions. At times like this we often seek advice and guidance from others to help us choose the best way forward. It is important that you find someone that understands you and can offer a nonjudgmental unbiased opinion .

You may have many questions that need answering before you purchase a reading please feel free to browse the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please email me here with any questions or enquiries you have regarding a Tarot Reading. kim@psychicpassage.co.uk 

My Values

  • Happiness: I am at my best when I feel happy and at peace with myself and show gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.
  • Serving Others: It is a great honour to be able to serve others it brings me immense joy to help my customers, family , friends and anyone who is in need of help showing kindness is a very important part of who I am.
  • Resilient: Life is never straight forward and can often bring difficult circumstances , I value being able to learn from any negative experiences and see failures as stepping stones to never giving up.
  • Acceptance : I am at my best when I do not judge others I understand that we are all the same yet we are all unique and that everybody should have the freedom to express themselves .
  • Transparency: I am honest and sincere in all my dealings because I expect the same from others, I believe this builds a strong bond of trust and allows both parties to take off their masks and speak from the heart.
  • Loyalty: I am fully committed and faithful with anyone I initially engage with, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I believe this is how you forge a bond of trust and create a safe place to be yourself.
  • Mindfulness: I am at my best when I acknowledge my thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations in every moment not placing any judgements.
  • Privacy : I like my privacy so I am fully aware of setting personal boundaries and allowing others the right to privacy. Social networks over expose people and I totally understand the need for many to maintain a little bit of mystery.


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